Wait a minute…

1020/10th February 2021

There’s a saying here, in Seattle too and no doubt any number of places around the world:

“If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”

The weather here changes so suddenly, it’s hard to keep up.

Although, lately it’s not made a difference to the way the countryside looks. We’ve been snow-covered for 2 weeks, maybe 3…but it looks so different when the sun shines.

Riding around in a car for more than two hours causes me to seize up a bit, so quite often I decline Grant’s invitations to ride along on his road trips.

But yesterday dawned so beautifully, I couldn’t resist.

So many factors affect the appearance of dawn, so no two can ever be alike:

The ever changing light and the merging lines fascinate me.

Now, I know this isn’t perfect. I can hear my old dad tutting disapprovingly. But it pleases me.

It’s not like I’m trying to sell my photographs. I just want a record of what I saw that gave me pleasure.

Yesterday it was a longish drive up beyond Lake George

The mighty Hudson is a sheet of ice.

When I first came here, in early Fall 2018, I couldn’t work out what all these sad-looking straggly bushes were. I could swear that winter they didn’t have their red pods.

The dark red seed pods of the Stag-horn Sumac are called “drupes”. Snow sets them off beautifully.

Frozen canal that intercepts the Hudson

As we drove North, we gained altitude and it was evident snow had been heavier.

Snow still tipped the branches.

Puffy little clouds appeared as we approached our exit,

and negotiated a local road.

On the return, what had happened to our bright, sunny day?

OK, it was more than a minute!

Crossing the East Schroon River, apparently.

Crossing back over the Hudson. Definitely a storm front!

Now that is an angry looking cloud!

Absence of sun giveth a stark, cold look!

Almost home.

Look at that, it’s still sunny in Vermont.

But as we turned the corner, snowflakes began to fall.

It’s not quite over yet.

Winter is exhilarating! It lights me up inside. It makes me wish I could sing. But don’t ask me why. Wildlife suffers in the cold and snow. I certainly don’t like that. I don’t actually like feeling cold. Not a bit. I don’t like the heating bills. I don’t have to worry about road conditions, but I don’t like that millions of others do. I remember those days. So where does this love affair with winter come from?

It started one winter when I was in Maine with my aunt. There was a blizzard that howled and blew and dropped a ton of snow, and then it was over. The moon came out and the world was so still. It was like the agony and the ecstasy. Maybe that’s it…the contrast. The power of a storm invigorates me, but I luxuriate in the following Peace.

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