11th January 2021

OK, so not going to get far with this today, because there is cloud all around us. Current ISP not coping and my patience will only go so far….

However, before I go off in a huff I wanted to post these pics that I took recently of the ice castle which I agree is not interesting in the least.

What I want to know is whether anyone else sees a woman’s profile in the stone wall?

She has poofie sleeves and her hands in her apron pockets.

A country woman of the early 1900’s?

And she’s day dreaming, watching the sky.

Of course, if the snow wasn’t there, if I hadn’t taken the photograph, I would never have noticed her.

And I think so much of life is like that. So many opportunities we miss, so many chance encounters that could have happened but didn’t because you turned your head at the wrong moment.

So much can change with perspective.

And so many things can change perspective.

Although I have always loved Nature, when I came back to New York suddenly I began to see colours and textures in a way I never had before. It wasn’t that my eyesight changed.

It was that my attitude had changed,

When we had a really bad day at JFK, how if affected us was totally determined by how we approached our problems. And of course this depended on which boss was on duty, how much support there would be.

And if you had a thumping headache, or your car broke down on the way to work, chances were those things wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference!

Currently, I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about the coming of our new ISP, for one thing, and a problem with our well which is more immediate.

Life in the country again. Amazingly, I succeeded in getting a plumber here within 24 hours. Somehow I knew he wasn’t going to have the answer. The problem is not with the equipment in the house but with the well itself. I don’t even want to think about what may be involved, but as a first step I have to find someone who will take a look and it’s anybody’s guess how long that will take…

You can never call and actually speak to anyone. Either you get voicemail or you have to send an email. Then you wait. I once got frustrated with this and ended up leaving messages with a number of people and then lost track of who was who.

As for the new ISP…this has been in the works since October when we were told things would start to happen within 3 weeks. Grant and I looked at one another and said “nah!” Maybe 6 weeks ago we noticed digging, poles being inserted, cables appeared. Did anyone call us up and say “good news, folks, let’s set an appointment to get you hooked up!” They did not.

The neighbours in our tiny community grouped together to make it worthwhile for this ISP to lay the cables etc, but then they seemed to lose interest in actually doing business with us. It’s a strange way to operate and we keep wondering if there will actually be an improvement in our “connectivity”.

But I’m keeping a positive attitude. And guess what…someone just called to say he’s coming to look at the well! What do you know.

This is the well, which fortunately is no longer buried like that. I tried to get an updated picture but ISP or PC or something doesn’t want to import pictures today, so I am going to post this while the going’s good and get ready for Well-man…..

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