New Year 2021

New Year’s morning 2021

Let’s call it a good start.

Expecting to wake up, like yesterday, to grey skies, it was a pleasant surprise to pull up my blind and see clear pink.

Bird baths frozen solid again. One more brick for my castle. Torrential rain has been delayed 24 hours.

As the sun rose, I tried to capture the diamond glints of frost in the bushes. You’ll have to take my word for it.

My favourite tree is always worth another shot.

A little junco was resting his wings at the top of the lilac bush. I’m wondering how that bush will do this Spring after what happened to the poor thing last year.

A very late snowfall and freeze last Spring did in the buds that were ready to bloom. They shriveled up, turned black.

………….Spring 2019.

No doubt the year will be full of its own surprises.

To begin, how did this happen?

That wasn’t there last night.

It’s bizarre.

Ought not to be possible.

moving on….

The kitchen is in chaos.

Grant made a big pot of curry.

And now he’s baking rusks.

Rusks are something special in South Africa. The recipe was brought from Holland, way back, and rusks became a staple when the Dutch did their long trek to Natal province.

They are plain, and hard. And when you dip them in your tea or coffee….yum. They are so good.

But I can’t eat things like that. Just a nibble.


Toby went for his morning constitutional.

Where’s your jacket, Toby?

Grant forgot it, so Toby went off to find some sun.

Meanwhile, I discovered that in spite of my great new glasses, the double vision is back.

But with the cataracts gone, at least I can see both things quite clearly.

It’s not a big deal. I can just go around with one eye closed.


Now I’m off to attend to cat issues. One starts as one intends to continue, right?

Lucy says she manages quite well with one eye.

4 thoughts on “New Year 2021

  1. Wonder if Toby feels the need to have some alone time, away from all those ladies?

    I hope your lilac will do fine this spring. That was my Mother’s favorite flower and mine, too.

    Is that a critter shelter that has that strange looking piece of ice on top of it? Maybe the wind blew it off of another structure and it landed there.

  2. Toby seems to hold his own! He was chasing a couple of girls this morning. I love the lilac. Was so sad it didn’t bloom last year. That is an upturned tub sheltering a small container of kibble, for whoever needs it. The ice we had all came down last week, so I can’t think where that came from!

  3. Thanks a million for more beautiful, uplifting photos! Best wishes for dealing with the seeing double.
    Happy 2021.

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