3rd gear

Somewhere in Washington County NY

No question, I was stuck, yesterday, in 3rd gear.

Perhaps it’s my attitude about “nothing” week.

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t get it together.

If I could have justified it, I’d have down-shifted to 2nd gear, declared myself unwell, and gone to bed with my book.

It couldn’t have been any less productive!

We all have those days, I know.

Grant was half expecting to go somewhere and I had said I would go for a ride, so I’ll blame him for my being distracted.

Which wouldn’t be exactly fair, but what is?

The longer journey didn’t happen, but it was a bright day so we decided to chase the sunset.

Grant had gone out the previous afternoon and discovered a suitable viewing route…he thought.

What he failed to mention was that most of the fabulous sunset he had seen, he’d caught in his rear view mirror.

It was a very nice drive that we shall repeat and perhaps do in reverse next time.

While operating in 3rd gear, I’m really not up for too much hassle, and as I’ve mentioned once or twice, my main camera is nothing if not a challenge.

So the few resulting images are uninspiring and some are just plain weird.

That orange-looking stuff, above, was actually brightly lit cloud and the sky really was that colour. But it looks like a bad painting.

For bad pictures, I prefer this one, on the left, of reeds in a frozen pond, catching the last rays of light.

The sun was setting, but it was always “just over there”.

The roads all ran in dips between hills, along rivers and streams. Which was very nice, but a bit frustrating.

It was a bit like getting the finger! “Hey, I’m over here!”

Coming into Greenwich (“Green witch”, if you please), it was impossible to avoid power cables that insisted on being the focus.

Attempts to edit the lines out just made a mess, so heavy cropping was required. I need a better editor, but then I’d need someone to apply it…

Greenwich, NY.

The nearest small town.

Where we mostly do our shopping.

You see what I mean about weird images.

Our sunset chase turned into a moon rise chase, as Grant suddenly caught sight of it breaking the horizon.

Then I kept yelling “stop!” but either he couldn’t or he coasted too far and I had to walk back.

This provoked concern by locals returning from work.

A man in a truck saw a rather bent old woman standing in the middle of the road, apparently staring intently into the trees. My camera is very small, so he may not have seen it. These days everyone seems to use their cellphone camera, so he must have thought I was a bit soft in the head.

“I’m fine”, I said, “taking pictures of the moon”. Which he probably couldn’t see, so he smiled, nodded and drove on.

Abandoning the sunset, we searched for good viewing spots for the rather splendid full moon, ignoring the fact that, at home, I always have a great view of it.

Turning, I realized the sun had not quite set.

The next challenge was to persuade my camera to actually capture the moon as it really looked.

This took twenty or so attempts It wouldn’t do it a second time. Obviously it’s me. It’s that 3rd gear.

Messing about with an image from my old camera.

Lately, I have debated getting a different one but, being me, I chose one that is not currently available.

Perhaps what I should get is a new keyboard for my pc. Either my current one is u/s or my fingers are becoming dyslexic.

Or perhaps there are cat hairs……

4 thoughts on “3rd gear

  1. Well, I greatly enjoyed the third gear post and especially photos of that gorgeous full moon! How can we despair when there are such beautiful sights to enjoy!
    I think I commented my “thank you” message in an incorrect place a few days ago so I shall repeat my immense thank you for the author recommendation for Deric Longden’s books.
    I have ordered and received three so far and I am charmed and enchanted with his writing! His descriptions of life with cats and their relationships are right on target and they make me laugh! And this year I really appreciate being able to laugh. So thank you for sending Deric Longden into my life!
    And Happy New Year to you, Grant, and the kitties in Cambridge.

  2. Deric would be so delighted to know that he has made you laugh. I didn’t know him, of course, but I wrote to tell him how I enjoyed his books and he wrote back such a sweet note. He had quite a following of fans who thought the world of him.
    Best wishes to you from all of us.

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