Christmas Eve 2020

Christmas Eve morning

“That sky looks like it’s spoiling for a fight” said Grant as we dished up cat breakfasts.

After a while a small patch of light appeared but heavy rain is in the forecast and when I went outside the temperature felt almost tropical, so we have the great meltdown of 2020.

As always, Toby was keen to take a walk.

He went down the path to check the scent of our nighttime visitors:

Because it was so mild Sasha and Sikkim ventured out briefly:

Not to be left out, Penny followed on:

As soon as Grant returned, she went back in. She shadows his every move.

Speaking of the man, he found himself something new to experiment with:

The man from Africa never even held a snowshoe before, and it took him a minute to work out how to attach them, but once he got going he went off on a tour of the property.

Willow said she is quite happy to watch all these things from the window:

And she is quite capable of entertaining herself:

Meanwhile, we have been rescued by the gas company who sent a truck to fill up our empty tanks.

We won’t be assaulted by irate cats. Their fireplace has been restored.

Heaven be praised!

From a blustery Cambridge, we wish you:

a Very Happy Christmas!

13 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2020

  1. Wishing you and Grant and all the beautiful kitties a merry Christmas and a healthy, happy 2021.
    I very much enjoy your writings every day. I look forward to reading many, many more.
    Wishing you the very best from Alexandria, Virginia.
    Linda Coleman and my companion kitty , Khloe (A rescue, and my loving companion forever)

  2. Every time you post pictures of Willow, I am reminded of my beautiful T.C. (short for Top Cat). She looked exactly like Willow, but she had enough persian in her to be rather fluffy. Even as a child I had never had kitties, but my husband found her under a barn, just after our house had burned many years ago, and I was a cat lady from then on. She got me through my depression after the fire, and was my beloved companion for 27 years! Our vet said she was the oldest cat he’d ever treated. (There were many kitties after her, but no one was ever Top Cat again.)

    Thank you for all of your pictures; they brighten the days during our difficult times. And your stories and poems add a lovely dimension to the pictures. Being unable to travel, I especially love the postings about your world travels.

    May all of your two and four legged family have a wonderful holiday season and may 2021 be a better year for everyone.

  3. Thank you VERY much for a beautiful Christmas post. Best wishes to you, Grant and all the lovely kitties for a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful Holiday season.
    I am also sending great thanks for another wonderful Christmas present from you! Your reference to Deric Longden and his stories led my to order three of his books, which have arrived and have become my new very favorite cat stories of all time. I am loving his writing as much as I love the James Herriot books which is putting them in very high esteem for me!
    So thank you for wonderful posts and wonderful author recommendations.

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