Soft gray

Soft morning light, so pretty

Just as I finished my blog yesterday, snow began to fall once more, as if 31 inches was insufficient.

From what I hear, this is the most snow they’ve had up this way in 27 years.

And I was afraid this sort of winter was a thing of the past.

Climate deniers will say, “see, there’s no global warming!”

In fact all extreme weather is a result of man’s disregard for the planet.

As I stood at the door watching the snow flakes, this chap arrived to pose for us:

Suddenly I seem to have 3 cameras to choose from. Each one has to be downloaded with a different cable and each has it’s particular quirks, but none has a strong enough zoom.

Mr Cooper didn’t seem to mind as we fiddled with our lenses and tried to get his picture.

In the gathering dusk, I went up to the woods that were covered in the fresh deposits.

It’s amazing how transformed your world can be in just a matter of hours.

Then this morning, the world was pale pink and grey, like a water colour:

What a gloriously beautiful sight.

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  1. I love winter landscapes, thanks for sharing these. The look peaceful and very appropriate for Christmas. Cooper’s hawks prey on other birds mostly. When we feed seed eating birds, the increased concentration of these attracts the coopies.

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