Lovely morning star…

Lovely morning star,
How beautiful you are.
I fell out of my bed
To gaze at you  instead.
Sunrise and morning star,
Very best way, by far,
To mark the end of night,
And start my day off right.

But then it fell apart……

It's one of those days
That ends in a haze
Of frustration!

Deep breaths, Carolyn…

I waited for the doctor man
To come up on my screen
When he did, he looked quite green.

No, he didn't. I'm losing my mind.

Being kept waiting's not my fav'rite thing,
It maketh me quite cross
For that time is such a loss.

He told me that my neck's not broke
It's full of "artheritis",  common to old folk.
Can offer therapy, but that's what made me scream,
Won't be doing that again, so it would seem
Once more I'm cast astream.

Then, my damn PC
Took exception to me.
Didn't like what I wanted to see.
Shut down in a huff, giving me a black look,
That whatever I tried, I couldn't unhook.
Smiles, threats, pleas
Oh Jees.

More time wasted.

Which is why all I can offer today is a pathetic “poem”

and Venus.

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