Ode to 2020

A particularly thick layer of cloud this morning disrupted technology, so I’ve decided to fall back on:

An Ode to 2020

 Another season, another Winter, another year,
 You’re not going down in the history books
 With any amount of applause
 Too many tales of woe
 Too many souls brought low
 Too many lives felled by the virus.
 That somehow came among us.
 People trapped in cruising ships
 Many miles from home
 Others stranded far away
 Feeling so alone
 No hope to return
 Or their exile to adjourn
 Any time soon.
 Hot winds blew,
 Great storms not a few
 And the planet was on fire.
 But in the USA:
 I fear I have to say
 The citizens appeared
 Their sanity to lose
 Was it just a ruse?
 So much anger!
 So much hate!
 Harsh words thrown
 Paranoia sewn.
 The Media went mad with greed
 Feeding on the fear and need.
 POTUS became a swear word
 A scare word.
 Though for some,
 It was a hallowed word,
 It heaped scorn upon our Nation
 And harm upon our land.
 Four long years, every day
 We’d clutch our heads and say
 “What will he do today?”
 But when time came to throw him out
 What did we hear so many shout?
 “Don’t count the votes, they’ll all be fraud!”
 “Oh, wait a minute, count them all!”
 “Well, just the legal ones.” 

 We became, in 2 turns of the clock,
 A Universal laughing stock.
 Our reach goes out,
 11 Billion miles from Earth.
 But of counting skills we have a dearth.
 How many torturous days dragged out?
 Before we finally found out
 We’d have our reprieve 
 Though oh so many grieved.
 Then the POTUS thrashed about
 Showing off one last great pout
 Will we never get the rotter out?
 He’s like that awful itch
 You simply can’t unhitch.    
 Oh, 2020!
 Your sullied reputation!
 You’ll need some delegation
 To repair your legacy
 In the books of history.
 For all the ghastly
 All the grim,
 Wasn’t there a thin
 Veneer of hope?
 Just a little light
 In sight?
 Yes, of course.
 Everything’s not dim and dark
 I hear a chorus sing
 “Let us begin
 Our ways to repair
 Our wealth to share.
 Let Nature teach us how
 To live in harmony,
 To find a better path
 In the aftermath
 Of 2020.”


3 thoughts on “Ode to 2020

  1. Let’s hope that 2021 is the start of we humans getting things right, allowing nature to heal herself, realising that to move forward we have to co-operate rather than argue, compromise rather than stick rigidly to our preconceived ideas, love rather than hate, and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

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