A moody sky entertained us yesterday as we drove to Glens Falls

Here’s my situation. It will not do.

But I don’t know how to fix it.

Forget getting help from Facebook.

YouTube can often help, but not this time.

So let me tell you what’s up.

It’s been some time now, that I’ve ignored it.

But it’s creepy. I’d like it sorted.

One day, when I signed on to Facebook,

It took me to someone else’s page.

Someone I used to work with.

A cat-person I sometimes exchanged pictures with.

But no long messages or anything much.

Out of the blue, I was on her page.

And the reason it’s creepy,

Is because she’s no longer with us.

It was actually rather a shock to find myself

on the page of someone who died suddenly,

several months previously.

When I couldn’t sort it out, I “unfriended” her.

Which in itself felt creepy.

At least I didn’t end up on her page anymore.

But I didn’t end up on mine either

When I click the “F” icon,

my computer automatically puts in her name,

instead of mine.

This happened over a year ago,

and it looks as if the page itself has gone,

but when I log in, I get :

“This content isn’t available at the moment”

It’s not a big thing. I just click “home” and

it takes me to my page.

But it’s still weird.

As was the weather yesterday afternoon.

Leaving Cambridge, we saw a big rainbow.

But my standby camera was in my bag.

It was mid afternoon when we set out.

At this time of year, the sun is already sinking,

and the light was powerful, when it pushed through.

Naked trees lit up against the darkened sky

With intermittent patches of blue.

It was getting on for rush hour….

as we crossed the Hudson once more.


Exiting the freeway, we entered the metropolis of Glens Falls.


Which is where we noticed these rays of light, presumably streaming through holes in the cloud.

We had never seen rays like it before.


Then we arrived at destination and I put Grant

in charge of the camera.

But he doesn’t follow instructions,

so he just ran down the battery of his cell phone.

And there were no more photos.


My appointment took less than an hour.

But when I emerged, heavy rain was falling.

The ominous cloud had finally overtaken us.

We came home in pelting rain, maybe even sleet.

So hard at times, it was hard to see.

Yet on the horizon was still visible

an open, orange-hued sky.

It was as if we were under a huge dome.

It was very Stephen King.

Which fits in nicely with things that are creepy…

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