Chasing Fall

Battenkill River, Vermont

Since the onset of Fall we had been talking about when to take our Fall drive and where to head for.

A couple of days here or there can make a big difference to what you view.

There are “Leaf Reports” but for some reason I don’t find public information terribly reliable these days.

So I looked at a map and made a plan and then we waited on the weather.

Heavy overcast and rain put us off on Friday but when it looked brighter yesterday morning, Grant decided he would rather see “something a bit wet” rather than nothing at all. So off we went.

Telling the cats lunch might be a bit late.


Grant is a reasonable driver, I think, certainly compared to some I can recall. But the minds of driver and navigator don’t necessarily meld, if you know what I mean. So we added an extra loop to the itinerary, and in the end my efforts were usurped by Grant’s more trusted iPhone. (!)

We headed north toward Ft Edward and then Ft Ann where we had intended heading southeast toward home, but decided to venture into Vermont, so we stuck Pawlet into the navigator.

When I’ve driven sightseeing trips, I suspect I could be accused of being maybe a bit “erratic”, perhaps not as considerate as one might be of other motorists. Maybe I’ve been called a rude name or two. But when I see something to photograph, I stop. When I had my father onboard, it was mandatory. He expected his needs to be honoured, no matter the traffic!

Grant, on the other hand, looks for proper pull-outs, scenic rest stops, wide pavements.

So, I was faced with the challenge of a moody sky and moving vehicle with occasional rain spots.

In Manchester, we met up with this bizarre creation.

“The Art of Re-Purposing.” OK then.

Manchester is what they call “upmarket”.

Very pretty.

Then we found ourselves on the familiar Battenkill River:

And not long after we coasted home…

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