When the Covid lockdown was announced, all those months ago, it began to shape up as a very long Summer. Yet here we are at it’s end. And I am as confused as ever.

Same time, last year, my favourite little tree was already bare. OK, nothing significant about that.

But how did my California Poppies turn into Larkspur? I know birds and the wind carry seeds, but these plants look so alike, are growing in the same spot. They are just a different colour. Strange?

Last year:

Sunflowers and starlings

This year, Milkweed and sparrows. So many sparrows! Grant calls them Swarm.

Not that I prefer one thing over the other. I’m happy to see what comes, but for some reason I could not get a sunflower to grow this year while last Summer, they popped up everywhere. This year it was the Milkweed that grew prolifically and yet last year we had Monarch butterflies and this Summer, I’ve seen but one. It’s perverse.

Furthermore, it appears that my “Hollyhocks” :

are more likely “Hellebore” or Lenten Roses. I’m sure that’s not what it said on the pot.

But do I care? Why ever would I? It’s 2020.


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