A family visit

It was all the way back at the end of March when the wild turkeys began their courting routines, down in the field.

With what seemed like limited success…

But at some stage, those boys must have got their act together, because:

Low and behold:

“Baby” turkeys.

More like juveniles, really.

Mum’s obviously been keeping them under wraps.

But now she’s presenting them to the World.

First she had to come and check us out:

Then they had a tentative visit:

Nothing too bold, or risque.

Then they were suddenly emboldened…

“Come along, children, pick up the pace..”


“No time for lollygagging!”

Then they were allowed to graze, under the apple tree.


Until Dad and the maiden aunt decided to withdraw. The kids hung back, waiting for mum…

…or perhaps they were just investigating us

but Dad got impatient


and Mum arrived, on the trot, to round up the kids…

…and off they went, leaving behind a ‘thank you’, in the form of:

a magnificent feather.

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