Things in the mist

This morning, after a thundery night, the Sun struggled to pierce the mist, which indicated another hot, humid day ahead. Definitely not my time of year. Gasp.

But I liked the images of the Goldfinch in the wet leaves, and we had another young visitor:

The first ever sighting of a baby Towhee, learning to forage for itself. I love Towhees.

Grant tried to persuade me to go on a shopping run with him but I had things to do. Every time I send him off by himself, he comes back to tell me he saw animals: 2 fawn and some baby wild turkeys. “Of course”, I said, “but if I’d gone with you, we wouldn’t have seen anything.” He is always seeing “stuff”. It’s so annoying!

However I went out with my camera because when it’s misty, spiders get busy. At least that is what one tends to think. The truth is, I suppose, their webs are always there but until they are highlighted by the moist air, one doesn’t tend to notice them.

There were many, many more, all over the grass and in the bushes. I’m not a big fan of spiders. Something about all those legs! But I know they have their place in the World and I respect them. I certainly could never crochet anything as beautiful as a web.


Last night, before the storm blew up, we got a sighting of two of the orphans:

Grant went into overdrive, worrying about what had happened to the third baby and drove himself crazy trying to figure out which two these were. One had an ear injury and two had foot injuries. Or was it that one had a foot and an ear, and which were these two? OMG. He all but decided #3 was a gonner. I told him don’t be such a pessemist, and then:

More guessing: “which is the ear, and where is the limp?” We decided, after all this, that the raccoon babies are doing awfully well. The ear is healed, one limp is cured and the other is “manageable”.

Thank God for that.

2 thoughts on “Things in the mist

  1. Very interesting spider webs! Is there a large spider showing in the bottom left picture. It looks like it might be what we call a garden spider. They are beautiful, but, like you, I don’t care much for spiders. I do respect them and just let them be. I’m glad the last of the three raccoon babies showing up relieved Grant’s worry somewhat.

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