Little lives count

Taken earlier, in the Spring

Tuesday wasn’t the best. That was steroid epidural day, the onset of the MEGA headache.

But it wasn’t just that.

When we got home, we noticed a little dove sitting in the grass just outside the living room. Sitting, not moving. We had it happen once before and that one died too. I think they probably flew into a window. It breaks my heart when this happens and I try to prevent it by hanging coloured flags or decals on the glass.

I am particularly fond of doves because they are so sweet, so pretty and I suppose because they are the symbol of PEACE.

Grant picked Tuesday’s victim up to see if she was alright, but she died right in his hand. He carried her up to the tree line and laid her down so her corpse would be taken by another creature and on his way back indoors, Grant found a dead toad!

As I said, not a good day! Such small losses, that are insignificant in the bigger picture, but they always affect me, especially when I am at my own low ebb.

But then we had a visit from this fine bird:

When we were first here, one of these great creatures somehow managed to fly into the house one afternoon.

It sounded like an explosion and I expected to see a hole in my bedroom wall. That was very sad.

I was glad to see this lady turkey walking by!


Yesterday two other brief visits:

Visible first as just a smudge of colour, down there in the weed-filled field.

Then, here she came, up the hill:

So pretty, so tenuous, fully aware of me behind the window. Then I made a noise with my camera and she dashed off.

Just as well to be cautious, sweetheart.


Not long after that, a sudden re-appearance of the 3 musketeers: (Laurel and Hardy + 1)

They were in a big hurry too, to get to some food:

It was good to see that the three are still together. One is still limping, but the bad ear and the other limp appear to have recovered.

We haven’t figured out how these three got injured and apparently orphaned.

Hopefully, by staying together, they will make it through.

2 thoughts on “Little lives count

  1. I agree, small lives do count, and small deaths do hurt. Life goes on and the other critters that showed up hopefully raised your spirits somewhat. I hope the next few days will grant you some relief from the pain.

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