In the clouds

Presumably contrails originally. In this picture I see a sheep sitting with legs folded under.

It’s amazing what you can sometimes see through the kitchen window. Today I was drawn to this.

The sheep from above has morphed. Now I see the pie-man, as in Simple Simon met the pie-man, going to the fair….

and I don’t remember the rest of it…

A girl rock star singing with arm extended/Olympic diver preparing back flip/man turning to wave goodbye. Interesting that I was talking about contrails yesterday. They are returning, slowly.

What has happened to the aviation industry is devastating. Without even attempting to look up statistics, I picture row after row of permanently grounded 747’s….the thought can lead in many unhappy directions. I’ll leave it at that.

Instead here is a different sort of bird.

He was clinging to the hummingbird feeder, waiting his turn for seed.

Grant brought me a present just now:

Birds are so pretty and so perfect.


Sleep escaping me once more, last night, I decided to go outside and look at the sky and I got some curious pictures of the moon. They aren’t right, but I sort of like them:


I ought to get to know my camera better, but every time I try, I become overwhelmed by all the functions and settings.


It seems my head is really in the clouds these days:

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