Flaura and fauna

He’s at it again.

Grant is cooking curry. His new favourite thing, apparently. Not his fault I am super sensitive to just about everything including cooking smells.

I don’t know when this happened to me or why. When I was a kid in SE Asia, we encountered all sorts of weird and no so wonderful smells and they never bothered me a bit.

For that matter, there was that penguin rookery I mentioned recently. Now there is a pong. Phew. Didn’t really bother me either in 1984. But now….

Fishy cat food, argh! GHM…

One of the positive aspects of Summer that I remember from last year is the abundance of flowers and plants. This year it’s the same, but different.

By that, I mean there are lots of things growing and flowering but not all the same things we had last year.

I swear there was not so much Queen Anne’s lace last year. Or perhaps I have just become obsessed with photographing it.

Actually, I discovered that some of what I have been seeing is yarrow. The flowers are very alike.

But this particular plant is wild parsnip.

With ladybird.

It seems I am incapable of remembering the names of plants.

The flowers that appeal so much to our groundhogs are not wallflowers at all, but phlox. They managed to bloom in spite of the local wildlife.

Maybe carrot supplies helped.

A very hardy plant.

According to PlantNet, this is yarrow, maybe a little past it’s prime, but I still liked it’s appearance.

I must remember to make a contribution to PlantNet.

Daisy fleabane.

Whatever that is.

I do love daisies.

My mum was “Daisy”.

Bush vetch.

May be a weed, but very pretty.

Maiden’s tears.

Oh dear.

Canada Goldenrod.

It didn’t even make me sneeze.

Squirrel paw prints on my living room window.

They come demanding peanuts.

I was going to clean the window, but then I remembered that I had intended to get some decals to prevent birds hitting the glass.

Why bother?

Last night Willow jumped into her bed box and promptly jumped back out as if startled. Wouldn’t go back in and was intending to torment Patches again, so I had to erect a barricade around the poor girl.

So this morning I offered my wicked girl another alternative, which she seems to fancy. At least for a siesta.

We’ll see what happens tonight.

2 thoughts on “Flaura and fauna

  1. I’m having such vicarious enjoyment of your flower photos! (And kitties, always … I’m sadly allergic.)

  2. All Nature’s doing! I had a doctor once who was so allergic I had to make sure to change clothes immediately before leaving the house and sometimes he still sneezed!

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