Grant came home from the Post Office the other day with a box of cat food I’d ordered and retorted “this is an example of ‘Don’t-Give-a-Fuck Shipping'”.

I was inclined to agree and as it was an Amazon purchase, I sent them remarks to that effect, though more polite. I simply said if they couldn’t be bothered to ship properly, I would shop elsewhere. And I will. What’s wrong with that?

Apparently Amazon did not appreciate my assessment. I “didn’t adhere” to their guidelines. Not sure where I went astray.

Aren’t assessments the way we improve?

Over my longish life, I’ve written a great many assessments and now that I think of it, not very many were terribly well received, with one or two exceptional cases.

A couple of times, I was sent a whole brand-new appliance, by the company concerned, without question or hassle. In one case it was Dyson. I have a number of their appliances and have always found them to be reliable and prompt in their customer service.

The other time I was sent a new appliance without question, was quite a few years ago, must be 13 in fact.

When I had my spine rebuilt, I thought perhaps vacuuming might not be quite the thing, so I purchased a Roomba.

At the time it was fairly novel. I can’t remember what was amiss with the first one, but the replacement machine worked fine. No-one had pretended it would be up to multi-cats, and when I moved I abandoned it.

It seems Roomba-type vacuums are more efficient as cat toys, but I’ve resisted purchasing a new one just for feline entertainment.

Sasha sits in this box and looks at you.

That’s your cue to push or drag.

Grant indulges the cats, in every way. Driving Sasha’s “Roomba” is his thing.

Although she persuaded me this day with those big eyes.

Amazon usually ships their items in solid packing.

I thought they would want to be aware that one of their shippers was letting the side down.

After all, I’ve had shipments of cat food that came in packing boxes and still got damaged. Just sticking a shipping label on the product itself seemed a wee bit lazy.

There’s the excuse that the shipper was trying to reduce waste, “for the environment”, but I had ordered several items and was happy to wait till they could be packed together.

It’s an Amazon problem. If they are not interested in constructive comments, they shouldn’t solicit them. on the other hand were very welcoming of my comments when their packers fell down on the job.

Their Customer Service is very good, pro-active and friendly.

And the cats like their boxes.

We had some assessors here last night, to evaluate our service:

On the whole we got a good report, although the carrots were “not finely enough sliced” and the peanuts were “a tad old”. But the bird seed was “of high quality. You’ve got it right at last.”

“Keep up the good work”, they said.

Right then.

3 thoughts on “Assessments

  1. Amazon is one of my pet hates so many things wrong with that company, I avoid using them at all cost. I think your feedback was more than fair and all of your assessors look adorable.

  2. Cats and boxes đŸ˜€ It is funny that they want to get in even into very small box. I think you did right to let Amazon know their shipment was not ok.

  3. It looks like the box had some pretty rough treatment during the shipping process. They ask for feedback, but apparently only want to hear favorable reviews. I’m glad you have critters that are appreciative of your hospitality.

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