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Two days in a row without having to worry about watering the garden. This is a definite plus. Which is good, because I feel in need of one.

Not complaining. No. I will not allow it, because then I have to stop and think of all those who have every reason to complain which will really depress me.

So, I am rejoicing the fact that I am off garden duty for the day. Except for planting a few wallflowers seeds.

Now, where would be a good place that he can’t get to?

Grant just laughed and said “he’ll find them!”

He’s probably right.

But I’m not giving in.

We supply the little rotter with carrots, after all.

When I checked the long-range weather forecast a few days ago, we were given to expect dry weather through the first week of July. I should know better than trust a weather-forecast. In the old days I wouldn’t even have looked at it, but now, with all the new-fangled equipment they have, wouldn’t you think perhaps….

But then I realized, why would a weather forecast be right when nothing else is? Planet Earth seems like a seriously worrying place to be right now. I’m not talking about an out-of-control pandemic. I’m talking about the fact that it was allowed to get that way, in the USA of all places.

For me it hasn’t make a great difference, but with a situation like the pandemic, one looks to one’s leader for guidance and encouragement. I am more grateful every day that I moved back to New York where at least we have a responsible Governor.

The man in the White House has done nothing but insist that the virus has “gone away”. Instead of dealing with a real health problem, he enrages people, incites riots, and encourages his supporters to rally in violation of CDC guidelines, meanwhile attempting to remove the affordable care act leaving the poor without health coverage in a pandemic. Nothing there makes me feel better.

In the meantime:

With all the distractions at home, no-one seems to be concerned about China’s activity in India and the South China Sea. I am not inclined to listen to conspiracy theories, but based on the evidence I believe that China’s goal is eventual World Domination.

Even though it won’t affect me, unless I live to be very old, the thought depresses me. The Chinese Government has no problem dealing with the masses, or with inconvenient minorities. If China succeeds with its plans, there will be no more anger or disagreement. People will do as they are told.

For now, I’ll stick with worrying about cat problems.

They are restless today and that makes me nervous.

Who did what that they shouldn’t have?

Last night I caught Willow making a puddle, near the box, but not in it. Where it went was on the old baseboard heater, which is difficult to get at to clean.

I showed her the box and explained it was in a new place, but please would she remember to use it.

This morning I found a neat little pile of poops beside the toilet, not in the box.

But at least she is in the right vicinity.

It’s back to the drawing board with the whole litter problem.

You can’t win this game!

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