Hot and cold

How green it seemed a few days ago, when we were getting rain!

This morning I lingered after breakfast, as Sikkim demanded lap time which she rarely does.

As I sat, the idea of returning to my bed suddenly seemed awfully appealing. I slid down and rested my head and thought how exhausting I find Summer weather to be.

Then gradually I felt less and less like doing a single thing and finally I remembered when it was that I last felt so unwell….

I went to check my day-by-day pill container, quite certain that I had not forgotten, but was actually quite glad to find that I had, because now there was a cure.

Grant has since programmed my cellphone to make annoying noises at appropriate times, but the last thing I need is something else that beeps at me.

Note to self: cancel the beep. I’m not ready to be managed yet.

The real heat of Summer has arrived along with the humidity which lays me flat. I can’t believe I used to be a sun worshiper. Countless hours I spent, sitting in the sun, hoping to gain a sexy tan.

What I’ve got, now, are age spots. Sun bathing. Bad for the skin. (A Yeti mini-lesson)

Of course, I don’t enjoy being cold, either. The silly thing about the terminal where I worked for 30 years; the times I felt most cold was in the summer when the air conditioning was on. I seem to recall working in my overcoat.

Before we moved in, back in 1970, we were given a familiarization inspection of the building and many people were dubious about it, but they said “at least the roof won’t leak”. It may not have been the roof, but something in that structure leaked non-stop.

From what I understand, the building is going to be demolished and a new one erected, though not for BA. After only 50 years. You would think the basic exterior would be worth saving. The interior was “modernized” so many times, I spent the entire 30 years in a construction site. Literally.

I can’t say I don’t think a replacement is the way to go, but it sickens me to think of the money wasted. At least the site itself does not need to be cleared of trees or vegetation.

Since quarantine has lifted slightly, I have been out with Grant in the car a few times and I was not happy to see areas of woods are being cut down for new construction over by Saratoga Springs.

No doubt, this was all in the plans before Covid 19 raised its ugly head, but even then, I cannot understand the necessity for constantly clearing land and building new construction when there are endless buildings all over the place begging for tenants.

I saw the other day, that in the Milky Way alone, 60 Billion planets are believed to be life-supporting. I just re-checked to make sure I remembered it correctly: 60 Billion. If my karma ever takes me to live on one of them, I hope so much that the civilization is more appreciative of its home.

Old photographs from a very special trip I was privileged to take almost 40 years ago

So many beautiful places I saw, years ago, are probably gone forever. Not this, yet…..

3 thoughts on “Hot and cold

  1. Since we are close to the same age, I get what you are saying about the sun worshiping. I have loved getting a tan all my life and while I don’t “lay out”, as we used to call it, anymore, I do like to get a few minutes of sunshine everyday if I can. I do have some age spots, but I just look at them like I do gray hair and crow’s feet. I have earned them and it was fun doing it. I just spent a couple of hours using my weed eater in places that my yard man doesn’t seem to see, lol. Looking at your pictures of icebergs and snow-covered mountains was a welcome relief from the heat.

  2. It has been really warm in Finland as well. For next week it would even get warmer! Luckily I can go for a swim, when it is too hot. I also drink mineral water, it helps! Take care!

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