Lahore, November 1985

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan

Tim and I made good our escape from Peshawar, thanks to PIA who carried us “In-shallah” to Lahore, the capital of Pakistan. Where we were delighted once more to be accomodated by The Pearl Continental.

We rode by taxi along well-swept roads and tree-lined avenues. Everything was spick and span; even the trees were being washed. As we passed the zoo, we noticed that the bronze animals at the entrance were being scrubbed and polished. All of this,we learned, was not in our honour, but due to the expected visit of the President of Turkey. There were signs everywhere proclaiming “Pakistan loves Ataturk”. ( Founder of the Turkish Republic.)

The motorcade was due to pass right in front of our hotel so Tim said we must rush out and wave our flags, but as no-one had issued me one, I was able to pass up that dubious delight. Tim gets strange ideas. This one was not serious, though.

Lahore is, or was, an attractive city and there was plenty to see. I daresay not everyone would have found the many old colonial buildings attractive. To me they were. 35 years on, I’ve no idea how Lahore looks.

The Lahore Fort, dating from 1566, was like one-stop shopping. It was adjacent to the Samadi of Maharaja Ranjit-Singh, a beautiful Hindu temple, and within walking distance, to the Badshahi Mosque. The fort itself included the lovely Shalimar Gardens.

This chap was also very tall and while he allowed me to take his photograph, he was awfully serious.

He and the two young boys were creating charpoys. That’s the stuff they make into beds, but don’t ask me for details!

At this stage in the proceedings, I believe the jute, or whatever it is made of, was being dyed.

Our visit to the Fort was cut short that day because of that other, more important visitor.

The following day we went off to see Jehangir’s Tomb: He was the 4th Mughal Emperor 1605-1627

The museum, we discovered, was also closed for the State Visit. Sad, as I am sure there were lots of interesting exhibits, but on the other hand there is just so much a person can absorb, in a short period.

Or maybe it’s my brain capacity.

In any case:

Tim decided that all of this was very nice, but he wanted to see what was happening in the street.

So to the Bazaar we did go:

Then Tim got a whole gang of guys to pose for him

Actually, I think he interrupted a town meeting. Then we came to where all the doctors hang out, and advertise their various skills. No Tim. It’s my feet I’m having trouble with….

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