Blowing my cork

“Yoiks“, as someone I once knew used to say.

It’s a term used to describe a somewhat amazing or alarming situation.

That covers what’s going on out there lately in these United States.

How is one supposed to concentrate on anything? None of what is happening has actually affected me at all, in fact, except in my head. I’ve always been much better when I could physically do something. Take action of some kind.

It makes me feel guilty that I just sit here and gawp at different video clips that I can choose to believe or not, according to who is providing them.

All I know for sure is that things are fucked up. There. I’ve said the word again. Twice in two days. How many karma deficits for that?

I’ve been feeling tense.

If it wasn’t for this little cat, my pressure valve would have blasted through the roof on Monday.

It’s not usual for me to blow, but I did.

You know what it was about.

I mentioned it on Sunday.

The obtaining, or not, of a prescription renewal.

Those ladies drove me to it.

After a week of being totally patient,

A promised phone call did not arrive

So I made it myself.

This is how it went:

Willow actually didn’t run away.

When the conversation took a heated turn.

For three days I had been told that the new script was awaiting signature but to check with the pharmacy.

I don’t understand how they can not know whether a prescription has been sent or not. Or was it that they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me?

As Hannaford’s was having telephone troubles, phoning them over the weekend was an exercise in frustration.

Then on Monday, when Hannaford’s finally did get the phone, they merely confirmed that they still had no script.

So I was in no mood for some condescending little upstart who was all prepared to tell me what I had done things wrong. Again.

Gritting my teeth, I informed her that the script, according to them, had been awaiting signature.

“Who is your doctor?” she asked. I knew what was coming. I told her the man’s name.

She couldn’t wait to say, brightly “He’s not here on Monday”. Now I was beginning to twitch.

“That’s why I checked on Thursday and Friday and Saturday”.

“Well when did you send it in? Because there’s nothing here.” “Then where is it?”

“You need to check with the pharmacy”. “They HAVEN’T GOT IT” I said, possibly a tad loudly.

Scuffling about on the end of the phone, presumably to find a more senior person to deal with the irate old bitch and her problems.

“This is So and so”, she said, as if I should be impressed, “What do you want?”

Fine way to deal with an agitated customer. (I had some practice in my BA days.)

I attempted to explain why I was starting to become annoyed but the woman didn’t care, dismissing it completely, “never mind about that, what do you want?” (Making me sound like some sort of pest)

“I want the script I’ve been waiting for since last Monday.”

“Well there’s no trace of it here, you’ll have to call the pharmacy.”

“The fucking pharmacy doesn’t answer the fucking phone!” It was getting late and it was quite possible they would have reverted to not answering, but I had blown my cork and couldn’t speak coherently any more.

“I don’t like your language. You’ll just have to check with the pharmacy.”

How can these people not know whether a script has been approved and sent? It’s a controlled substance that everyone is so hysterical about, so to have it floating about somewhere in cyberspace seems a little casual, to my way of thinking.

The clinic has a Care Manager who has tried to sort this out, but even she could not help that day and I felt that they were being deliberately unhelpful, who knows why.

Anyway, I am done with excuses and done with their attitude of treating me like one of those awkward old buggers who ought obligingly to be dead. No doubt they had a big laugh after my last call about the old English fool who calls up and curses at them Well no more.

Next month I shall try my luck with a different facility, which is a big bore because I am really tired of relating over and over my very long medical history. I think I’ll compress it for them:

I’m 72. I have pain everywhere. Need oxy. Can you provide it once a month without torturing me?

We’ll see. I had problems back in Washington State too, so I am not all that hopeful, but at least I may get a doctor who is there for the whole week.

Dearest Willow. She stayed through the whole phone altercation, not turning a hair.

She is a wonderfully soothing cat.

When I place my head against her soft, beautifully scented hair and hear her purr, everything comes right for me.

I am besotted with her.

11 thoughts on “Blowing my cork

  1. Sorry you’re having these problems and totally understanding that you blew your cork. I would have done too! I hope things improve soon and yes, you have a lovely cat.

  2. My woes are comparatively minor, I cannot complain. My house mate is having a bit of a meltdown and his tension has me wound up more than usual! It will pass. My Willow is my precious. I love all my cats a lot but one always seems to tickle a particular place in my heart. She is a mysterious creature. Love her to bits! XXX

  3. Some of the rules about medications are so ridiculous! A little bad language is the least a person may need to relieve their frustration! (Especially those in pain, or needing insulin, or who will need them soon.) I certainly hope you can get someone to fix this.

  4. I feel your pain (no pun intended, but actually I can’t. I know your pain is just yours!) I really hope you get it sorted out before you are completely out of your meds. And yes, trying a new clinic sounds like a good idea to me.

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