Sleeping arrangements

It’s one of those days. Everything is annoying me. I think I will blame the cats.

Their politics is on a par with our own human politics. Pathetic, yes.

Lucy is one of the culprits.

It revolves around Willow and her sleeping arrangements.

Willow is my “child”. That is, in case you haven’t guessed, she is special.

She doesn’t hang around me all day, but when I see her, we stop and have a moment. She purrs and looks at me. Often she follows me and seems to “supervise” me, watching always what I do.

As I’ve said before, Willow is not a cuddler and she sleeps wherever she decides, on any given night.

A few months ago, she started coming to bed with me.

And I was very pleased, just to have her nearby.

She slept sometimes on the bed, but mostly in one of many warm locations I provide for my regulars.

My regulars: Patches. She sleeps on a large tub which is draped with blankets and placed under a window.

With her nose on the radiator.

Patches is pretty special too. A shy, sweet girl.

She loves goodnight kisses.

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As well as Lucy and Patches, Blackie is a regular, although she occasionally takes a night off.

Mostly she sleeps under the blankets with me, as close as she can get.

But: sometimes she sleeps on another tub that I have under the window, also draped with blankets.

On the spare nightstand there is another arrangement of blankets and that is where Lucy used to sleep.

When Willow first started coming to my room, she would curl up on the far side of the bed and that was fine, until:

Grant suggested I should offer Willow a snuggle puddle on the bed. Just a fleece, wound up like a donut.

Bad idea. Colin spotted it and “wanted” it. In the worst way.

So now, if Blackie chooses to start her night on a tub, Willow has no place to settle.

Which is really a bit daft, considering I have a king-sized bed.

You already know that I am soft in the head, so you won’t be surprised that I brought in an actual cat tree which I placed at the end of my bed, adding 2 surfaces upon which my furry friends could sleep.

Willow indicated that the tree was a good idea and claimed an interest in the top shelf. Which was promptly appropriated by Madam Ms Lucy.

So Willow slept for a while on the second shelf, below.

Leaving the nightstand bed available for Penny who suddenly wanted to sleep upstairs.

Then Willow became disenchanted with being “under Lucy”.

So she took one of the under-window tubs.

And that was fine as long as Blackie was on the bed with me, or on a night off.

Did I lose you yet? I’m lost myself. These cats are driving me mad.

Three nights ago, Blackie decided she would start her night on one of the tubs and as Willow no longer condescends to be on the shelf beneath Lucy, she is out-of-luck. But she keeps coming to check. I have tried to coax her back to my bed by offering her a variety of beds and blankets, to no avail, and she won’t even consider being “under Lucy.”

As for Colin’s snuggle/sex puddle, it is now on the nightstand and mostly disdained.

So I trot outside at 11pm, or whenever I put my light out, and go searching for my child. For two nights I found her sleeping in front of the fire. We had a brief snuggle and a purr and that was that.

Last night, though, I awoke to a cat fight, around 2am. I’m not sure who the culprit was but Colin was hovering around and poor Willow was back pacing, still hoping for a place to sleep and Blackie was firmly on her tub. And now Willow didn’t want to back outside because of Colin.

Who would live with cats? It’s just as well Lily abandoned me when I came to Cambridge. She was always my bedtime buddy but now she’s decided that Grant is her pal and a better bed mate.

And I’m wasting time worrying about where my child will sleep tonight,

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  1. I love reading about your kitty cat adventures, and seeing your pictures.
    This one really made me smile, as I can relate to trying everything to make my cats comfortable. My husband just shakes his head. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing. 😻

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