We need a plan. For a better way. To go forward after the sickness is gone. It must be done, if our planet is to survive. We must learn to live together, to tolerate those who are different. We should not force our ways on others, nor should they force theirs on ours.

We need to learn to live with less. To appreciate what we get from the Natural world. Man-made stuff is very cleaver, but do we need it? Must everything we do be automated? What about using our brain to figure things out? Should we really leave that to the clever-clogs who program new and ever smarter technology? What happens when it doesn’t work and no-one can remember how to do the most basic things?

We need a better system of government. A way better system. Two parties that hate each other simply will not work. Cannot work, when there is no respect and no compromise between them. Our current system is a daily hate show. It is toxic. It is making us all ill.

We need to be able to know TRUTH. Though how we will return there, I have no idea. There was a time, I thought, when certain sources could be taken to be true, but no more. Partly, it’s all the accusations, the FAKE NEWS. It’s like an accusation of sexual assault. Once the slur has been made, no one is ever going to un-hear it, so how will we know when truth is spoken?

How do we persuade the MEDIA to return to HONESTY.

They are keen to blame the buffoon for bad information but they broadcast it far and wide. WTF?

We need to bring those jobs back home, that were so heedlessly given away. I see, every day, stories of aeroplanes that used to carry passengers. Now they are loaded to the ceiling, every seat filled with boxes of supplies needed to fight the virus. All coming from China. Why? Why do we not already have these things in Europe, in America, everywhere where they are needed? How is it possible our governments were so unprepared for what they knew was coming? It is a SCANDAL.

And why do our governors have to fight to get what they need from the very people who are supposed to provide it? Or have bid against each other, inflating the cost….at whose benefit? To see this happen in what is supposed to be the greatest country on earth is SHAMEFUL. What do we pay tax for? I’m going to apply for embarrassment compensation.

But it is the fault of human greed. The rich have always got richer, the poor poorer. The middle class just gets screwed. A rich man always wants more. Does he think that all his billions will buy him eternal life? It won’t. We all end up dead. No matter how we get there. Dead is dead. Perhaps there is no such thing as karma, and it doesn’t matter the life you lead. Maybe it’s just a personal comfort thing to be considerate. Is there a cure for selfishness? Narcissism?

So what can we do about human greed? That is one good question.

Here’s another, my favourite: How do we persuade the human race to apply birth control? The absence of this is what got us into trouble to start with. Yes, I believe it. It is fact, if you like it or not.

One thing, I personally believe is wrong. Forgive me if you are outraged. I sincerely and most passionately believe that artificial insemination is WRONG. It is an abomination. If Nature says “you should not breed”, then so be it. I understand that this upsets people, but until recent years this had to be accepted, and people GOT OVER IT! There are millions of children needing homes. Find one. I know it’s hard, it’s a way for you to prove how much you want a child. We should not mess with Nature! It is wrong. She will not allow it. Not without pay-back.

Scientists created life in a test tube. They didn’t do it out of compassion. They did it for money. Once again, the root of all evil. The almighty $. Perhaps the $ will become redundant in the Coming New World. Perhaps it will be a different currency that everyone clamours for. It all depends on how we salvage the mess we are in. That we seem to be allowing.

And if we continue to fight and hate each other, the “others” will win. Whoever they are.

It’s time to straighten up. Forget the bullshit. Forget the fool in Washington.

Forget the Media wars. Maybe they will self-destruct. I cannot imagine allowing the daily lambasting they get. But they have to get their damn ratings. What if they all got up one day and collectively shouted “FUCK YOU, Mr PRESIDENT!” and walked out? Now that I would pay to see.


What must we do?

How can we do it? Safely?

One thing is for sure. We must do it TOGETHER.

We have to consider EACH OTHER. What do you need? What do I need? How can we share? What about those people over there? What do they need?

Will our Governors get us there? One can only hope so.

But it sure would help if people would get a grip.

I didn’t set out to write anything of this nature, but I had nothing particular in mind, so I just started writing. This was the result.

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  1. Good afternoon from Alexandria, Virginia. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks (thanks to a mention of it by Jon Katz, who I have been following for several years). I’m an animal lover, dogs and cats and pretty much all furry creatures. Currently, I have one kitty, 10-year-old Khloe. My best friend. I love your stories about your kitties, and I love your photos. You are, obviously, a lady of many talents. And your talents have become a ray of sunshine in my day. Thank you!

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