What would I miss ?

Waking with the feeling of having recently fallen out of an aeroplane, perhaps one ought not to expect much of the day which follows. Not wanting to give in so easily, however, I opened the medicine chest above my bathroom sink and considered my numerous alternatives.

2 Advil and a cup of strong English tea with my humble bowl of oatmeal did at least dispel the headache and after a while, as usual, the aches and pains settled down.

Then I waited in vain for inspiration, which has not been forthcoming, but I found among my scribbles something I wrote one day. I’m not sure why. It was before covid-19 was ever heard of but something put me in a frame of mind of wondering:

What would I miss ?

What would I miss,
About the old World,
If it was all gone,

Now that I’m old
And can no longer move
It wouldn’t be travel
Though I enjoyed it then.
It wouldn’t be Cities
With all that they have
Concerts and movies and fine restaurants
I wouldn’t miss those.
It wouldn’t be people
Most of those are all gone
It wouldn’t be food
Or fancy wine.
And it certainly
Wouldn’t be fine clothes.
Nor jewels or those sort of things.
If I couldn’t get books
I’d miss those a lot
If I couldn’t hear music in some sort of way
That I would miss
I must say.
I need to write but could do that by hand.
I like to draw so I’d need a pad and pencil.
But those things I think
Are really quite simple
I don’t need bright lights
Daylight will do
And sweet firelight.

That is all I wrote, and I don’t know what made me think about it, but in the absence of inspiration for today, there it is. Needless to say, I would have to have animals.

3 thoughts on “What would I miss ?

  1. I don’t have your gift of words, Carolyn, but if I did, I would have written something similar to your thoughts. And, yes, animals would most definitely have to be included in what I would miss the most.

  2. Animals, books, music and the mountains and all I find there. Yes this is what I would miss…….

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