One last gasp?

Having managed to rise at a decent hour, unlike yesterday, I flung back the curtains only to discover: OMG more snow! Not a complaint. I love the sight of snow, it was just a slight surprise.

Like when I was at Yellowstone with my dad and my brother in June, 2002 and it snowed. I was so happy! I had always wanted to visit that park in Winter and this was as near as I was ever going to get to fulfilling that wish!

My dad and bro’ were grumpy about it. Mutter, mutter. I sat in my seat with a wide grin which only got wider as traffic ground to a halt. Moan, moan. “I think”, I said, “it may be bison on the road.” I was right. It was a very good day. I’d love to see the wildlife running round there just now!

Count any day good that includes snow and wildlife.

Poor Gimpy was picking bird seed off the porch this morning and did her right hand roll right off the edge.

But 30 seconds later she was back.

I know she’s “only” a squirrel, but isn’t she endearing?

Last year, according to my vague records, our final snowfall was on April fool’s day, so I am wondering if this is our “last gasp” for this Winter.

On the 14th, suddenly our resident woodchucks were in evidence. They were rushing busily about as if they had overslept and were now hastily gathering the paperwork for their tax returns. Having been asleep, they would not have received notification of the extension till July.

So nice to see the dear boy back.

But he can’t have been too pleased this morning when he stuck his head out. He’s nowhere in sight now!

They can be a pest, I know. They eat your stuff.

Charles can eat anything he likes of mine.

He may even, I realise, help himself to my narcissi.

Grant discovered them the other day, blooming beautifully, half way down the bank which opens into the field below the house.

Well what are they doing there?

We didn’t see them last year. I think we only discovered them because Grant had the bushes savaged in the Fall!

When I went out to take the narcissus picture, it was still trying to snow, but I really do think this will be the end of it. Any day now there will be flowers.

In addition to the wild strawberries…

….and wild pansies.

Perhaps I’ll stick to wild things.

They seem to do best.

I rather liked how the road was suddenly lit up.

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