Light on the land

Granted called me to the kitchen window this morning to see something new:

Meet Red.

We have dozens of squirrels here, including Gimpy, but we have never seen one with a red tail before.

Back in Washington we once had a tiny red squirrel that seemed to have hitched a ride down from the mountains.

We called this one Little Red because he was so tiny. He is actually a Pine Squirrel and we only ever saw one.

He used to sit in a tree and call repeatedly as if for his mate.

It was rather sad. We couldn’t figure out what he was doing in my back yard when he should have been up in the hills.

But Little Red was a stroppy little chap that wasn’t a bit afraid of the bigger squirrels that he chased off.

And a just plain cheeky squirrel

The other morning, before the rain and hail set in, I captured the early light on the hills, and some passing geese. Even though everything is still bare, I love the look of morning light.

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