Media-free day

The Olympic Peninsula Washington State

In the interest of my personal sanity, I have declared this to be a media-free day. Which is partly because my Internet provider is the most irritating, swindling, annoying non-provider I have ever had the misfortune of having to do business with.

I have tried every way possible to obtain what I need, including having two accounts with two dishes on my roof, but half way through my “period”, I run out of data and then it is all day interruption and frustration. So rather than fight today, here are a bunch of random pictures!

My friend Tim’s cat Oscar

This is beginning to make me sad :(, so this will have to do for now. I think a lazy Sunday is in order on this very rainy, positively “British” day!

3 thoughts on “Media-free day

  1. I’m so sorry for your frustrations with your provider, but your pictures are very much appreciated. Have a great day in whatever way you can.

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