Moral debates

Long ago, I was told that testing revealed me to be the most “adaptable” woman in the employ of British Airways, North America. I wasn’t especially surprised, considering the number of times I have needed to adjust.

Compared to most people, right now, I am very fortunate in that I really have no great adjustments to make. I have been a home-body for a long time. “Splendid isolation” is what I do.

What I have more trouble with are the mental adjustments. And the moral debates.

Two nights ago, I sat in bed with a large piece of paper from a sketch pad and made a list of all the groups of people I could think of that are likely affected by the current restrictions due to the corona virus.

It was an extensive list and I know there are probably at least as many again that I didn’t think of, or just don’t know about.

What became immediately obvious was how all of our lives are intertwined. Take any one group out and it affects everyone else. In broad terms, obviously.

But even the absence of the “little folk”, the small businesses and consumers, will eventually make a difference. We do all matter.

That’s people. And what about the animals?

When it became obvious that people were panicking over the possibility of food shortages, my immediate concern was not for myself as I think it unlikely we will find ourselves starving.

But I did go online to order an extra supply of cat food.

Then I saw an article about those poor animals that find themselves in testing laboratories which are having to close down or divert their attentions to different sorts of testing.

What of those animals? I’m not sure I want to know.

What of all the fund raisers that can’t happen? The adoption events cancelled?

What about the shelters that have to close down?

It makes me sick to think about it.

What does a responsible person do, in this situation?

In my very limited way, I started wondering who I ought to help. This is where morals come into play. For starters I can now, without qualm, immediately dump every single begging letter. But just think, if everyone comes to that same conclusion, of the ultimate impact it will it have. Still, it’s the here and now that counts, at the moment….

So, who do I support? The local businesses that have had to close? The needy older people in the Medicare facility? The refugee kids I know of? Is it best to choose one, or share what I can afford?

What can I afford? Do I worry about my own future? At the age of 72, I think I can let that one go, but what of the animals in my care? I am responsible for their welfare and I need to be able to provide for them. Some would say that people must come first and I understand why they think so. But look what people have done to this planet and to the creatures who share it with us. Who is more deserving?

What good is it to save people if there will be no planet for them to live on?

The purpose of this virus, it seems to me, is to shake the living daylights out of the human race, to make us pause and ask “what is important?” Does life really need to be so complicated?

In the meantime, I’ve decided that refugee kids are at the top of my humble list of priorities. Their families were encouraged to come here, only to be dumped by our current government and left with “sweet FA”. How much more are those kids supposed to suffer? They are young and if anyone deserves a happier future, surely it must be them?

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