Yesterday as I played with the editing of my tree photograph I couldn’t decide which look I preferred. Then when I drew my curtains this morning, it was like “oh, it’s Winter again!”

That is something I wasn’t expecting, but it is only March and what’s a bit more snow? Suits me.

Yesterday was so bright blue, I took myself for a walk around the garden taking pictures of the stunning sky and trees waking up, buds forming. And my little wee hazelnut tree that I planted last year. It’s out of focus, I know. My camera wasn’t sure what I was trying to capture, but at least you can see it’s growing well. I’m very pleased about that.

What I was looking for was something to post that would offer a bit of cheer, a bright spark, as it were.

As the sun rose yesterday, it caught the crystals that hang in my front window

The crystals are part of my memorial collection…you’ve seen some of it before.

My house is a bit of a museum, actually. You won’t find anything of great value in it, at least not of value to anyone else. But to me it is full of my fondest memories, mostly of cats. And bunnies.

Should I be thinking of more serious things at this moment?

Well I am, but my brain seems not to have the capacity right now to grasp it all.

It’s best, I feel, to take a day at a time…

4 thoughts on “Memorials

  1. The wind chime memorials to your beloved cats and bunnies are so special. The buds on the hazelnut tree give us hope of better days to come.

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