Himalayans in my heart

Brave wild pansy, my first flower of the year

Yesterday I mentioned my passion for Himalayan cats.

Another passion, or maybe it’s a weakness, is for a sad story.

Meet Georgi who came to share with me his regrettably few last days with me.

Exactly how I found Georgi’s story, I can’t quite remember. I may have been scanning Petfinder, although I hardly needed another cat in my already over-populated home.

But I do periodically take these ill-advised excursions.

However I came upon it, once I read Georgi’s tale of woe, I knew I had to offer him a home.

Where Georgi originally came from, I don’t know, but his owner neglected him terribly.

His rescuer, Stephanie, who became a friend, happened upon Georgi in the street, noticing his appalling condition.

His hair was so matted, he could barely walk.

Already a multi-cat owner, Stephanie couldn’t keep Georgi herself, so when she convinced the owner to surrender him, she posted his story, appealing for a home.

With a number of cats already in my care, I wasn’t sure Stephanie would agree to let me have Georgi, but she came around to check me out and as it was a very large house, she seemed to think I would “do”.

Panther was with me then and I think he did his bit to persuade Stephanie that Georgi would be welcome.

The condition of Georgi’s coat necessitated having it shaved, so he was a funny looking little chap but my heart melted.

Soon his hair grew out and he was a very handsome boy. He was an absolute sweetheart.

He was a bit timid at first and stayed upstairs by my office and bedroom but it wasn’t long before I heard his little claws tap tapping on the wooden floor and around the corner he came.

He became part of our ever increasing family.

Which at that time included Thimphu (“Tim-Pooh”).

Yes, that’s him sitting in the bunny’s house.

I had two bunnies as well. They had a whole room to themselves. I bought that house to accommodate animals and it certainly did.

Sadly, Georgi only lived for about 18 months. He was not a young cat and he had kidney problems.

It was when I lost Georgi that I moved Lucy upstairs.

Another one-eyed Himalayan!

Little Timmy left me too early as well. His problem was that he had been bred to have a very flat face.

I don’t know what is wrong with people who breed animals to look a certain way. Poor Thimphu had trouble just staying alive. I was prepared to pay for surgery to have his face re-shaped but there was not enough cartilage for the doctor to work with.

In due course, Sikkim turned up, so I still have 2 Himalayan babies.

Can you believe it, someone left Sikkim behind in a garden.

4 thoughts on “Himalayans in my heart

  1. Thanks, Trev. Of course I think they are all beautiful and each one takes a bit of my heart when it goes, but that is the deal you make, isn’t it?

  2. Bless your sweet heart for taking care of little Georgi in his time of need. He certainly did turn out to be a beautiful boy. Are you saying that Lucy is blind in one eye?

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