Oh Nose

Sunrise 24th January, Cambridge
It feels like a really bad cold, like the 'flu almost. 
I want to blow my nose so bad
But I can't
No, no.

Monday last
I spent the day
Getting my sinuses sorted
I hope.

No big thing,
I thought.
After all
I'm "an old campaigner"

I've lost count
Of all the times
I've been "under the knife".

So I figured
What's one more
If it'll make my breathing better
And take away
Frogman in my throat.

Now I've got
Stints in my poor nose
And they feel more like
A couple of logs.

My head is protesting
"Get these things out"
"They don't belong!"
It feels as if my face got run over.

Can't wait for Monday next
When they get to yank
These log-things out
But I'll be brave
I hope.

Just a silly accounting of why I’ve been silent for a few days!

Just after we came to New York, two of the cats had to be anesthetized for dental cleaning. When they came home they were loopy, completely blitzed and it took almost a week before they were back to normal.

Because we never had this happen before, we talked it over with out vet, who we trust completely and it seems that in New York there is a different “protocol” for anesthesia, than the one used in Washington State.

Now I am wondering if the same is true of anesthesia for people because I am still trying to shake off the affects of whatever it was they gave me on Monday. In Washington I always bounced right back.

I’m sure not bouncing now! Maybe I’m just getting too old for these things!

No nose pictures!

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