Sleepy Saturday

Doesn’t it help, when your day starts off this way? I can never grow tired of this.

Today is Grant’s birthday, so there was a small box to be opened and you know what boxes do to cats…

Sasha climbed on her tree to get a good perspective.

While Tinkerbell and Sikkim got a closer look.

Tinkerbell wasn’t in the mood for photographs.

Check out the look she gave the photographer.

If looks could kill.

This is the look she reserves for me.

She has eyes only for Grant…

After lunch, everyone was sleepy, except Lily, so we went to check on the others….

So Lily played going up and down stairs by herself

Then she found Toby asleep in the window but he just went back to sleep. It’s a bust!

Does she not look disappointed? I think she’s now gone to find herself a bed. If you can’t beat them…

That’s my Lily. She’s been with me the longest now, nearly ten years. She was a little stray that was visiting a lady in a nursing home but then the people were told they couldn’t feed her anymore so she came to my foster home. The people were kind of heart-broken and I could see why. She didn’t stay in the foster-suite long. That little face, looking down at me from a shelf, it just melted my heart.

5 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. These sweet kitty photos were just what I needed to see today. I’ve been sick with the Flu for almost 3 weeks and this group of photos just really brightened my day.

    So, tell me, did any one of the bunch take over ownership of the box?

    1. Still that ‘flu! Glad the kitties helped. I think Willow wanted to claim the box but I ruined it because I lined it with a little blankie that she associates with Patches….she is very naughty to her, gives her black looks and sometimes chases her. Even my beloved Willow is not perfect!

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