A bright white day

Everyone else is looking forward to Spring but here I am celebrating the final arrival of Winter. I guess I’ve always been slightly out of step with things!

But what can be better than waking up to a white world and stunning blue sky?

Footprints in the snow

Birds waiting for their breakfast. It’s so nice to feel needed!

That special moment when the sun lifts above the early clouds and fills the land with it’s brilliant light.

How often I have seen this landscape, but when it catches a certain light, its like that favourite moment in a piece of music that makes you want to sing, or dance, or both.

…and then. My sweet friends stopped by.


4 thoughts on “A bright white day

  1. Yes. I could do without black flies etc but last summer wasn’t as bad as the ones I remembered. Not having to go to work made a big difference, of course!

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