Winter trees

Yesterday I walked around the garden urging it not to get excited by such a Springlike day. It is, after all, still December. But during the night a hard frost was probably more effective than my whispered words!

We’re not done with Winter yet and that’s alright with me.

Oh, the wonder
Of Winter trees.
So noble and stark,
Displaying only bark.
What is it
About a naked tree
That so inspires me?

Splendid in leaf
Stunning in the Fall.
So what is it
About a tree,
Standing proud
Against a Winter sky?

The colour of its skin?
Its shape?
Its form?
Or is it the nobility,
The endurance,
That makes me sigh?
I think I know,
But cannot say for sure
About a naked tree
It is that so stirs me...

Fall winds done,
And leaves shed,
All God's creatures
Fast abed.
The naked Bard
His soul is bared.
Cold rain washes
Nuded branches,
The World takes on
A drenched look.
Last leaves clinging on,
To be blown down
By a harsh Winter gale.
Then we get to see,
The beauty of the tree.

Branches long, 
Forever to the sky
Smooth and sleek,
Gnarled and knotty,
Dense and fat,
Some hollow...
Home for a squirrel's nest
Or owl,
Or little boy's tree-house.

An unclothed tree
Proudly shows
The may colours 
Of its kind.
Stand back, behold
Many shades of red and rust
Of green and gray and dust.
Some are just pure white.
Ghost trees to me
So beautiful to see.

Past Winter's peak,
Small buds will seek
The pale sunlight
That brings all back to life.
Contemplate the land
In Spring.
Look hard at naked trees,
And there you will see
Nature reaching up
Up, up
Stretching tall
To reach the Source
That bears the spark of life.

And soon once more
They put back on their clothes.

Wise bards whisper
Back and forth
Exchanging their tales.
Be still
And listen.
You will hear them speak.

5 thoughts on “Winter trees

  1. I love the poem and I share a fondness of naked trees, even dead ones that will never have new leaves again. I’ve never given it much thought. I just know that I love them. Maybe it’s kind of like an artist seeing the beauty in human nudes.

    I’m in Texas and we have wild swings in our weather patterns. I just took a short stroll around my yard and was surprised to see 3 different flowering bushes with just a few blooms that have burst forth. One of them is a lilac and I’ve never seen it bloom this early before. We can still get hard freezes in Jan, Feb and even Mar, so they may not last long. It’s nice to have a little glimpse of color in the middle of winter, though.

    You posted some beautiful tree photos!

  2. Pansies will thrive where I live all winter. Shopping centers, etc use them for landscaping when nothing else will survive the cold temps. Don’t they look pretty, peeking out of the snow?

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