Moon madness?

When I see the rising moon,
 It takes me back.
 A lifetime ago,
 I watched that moon.
 Rise behind another hill,
 So far away,
 So long ago.
 That was the dawn
 T'is twilight now.
 Where did it go
 So fast?
 Had we known then
 What we know now,
 How different
 Things might have been.
Is that not
What we say?
 But life just doesn’t
 Work that way.
All the guidance
 People give,
 All the words they say,
 Make no mark
Upon the young
 Who have to live
 Their own pain.
 Only thus to gain
 The wisdom
 We end up with.
The rising moon
A haunting tune...
The film winds back,
Undoes those things
That ought 
To never 
Have been done.
When, will humankind
Ever learn?

Perhaps the moon always makes me a little nostalgic because it is the one thing that has always been consistent throughout my life. When I look up I think of everything that has happened here on Earth during my time here and most of it has been ghastly and horrifying yet we never seem to learn from our mistakes.

I want to hope that Greta Thunberg will make a difference but when I see the comments that are posted about her, not least by our President, I shake my head. What will it take to wake people up? How can people not see the ruination of our beautiful planet?

It frightens me also, to think what could happen to Ms Thunberg if people do start listening to her seriously because the high and the mighty are so powerful and they seem to believe they own the World.

Put it down to moon madness. I’m finding it hard to end on a cheery note.

So here's a cheery picture instead...

5 thoughts on “Moon madness?

  1. Carolyn, did you learn that the state of WA has legalized human composting? I am very excited to know this. Have been telling my son to put my corpse out in the desert for the animals to eat me. Don’t think this is possible but composting…..

  2. My body will go to science, if it is accepted (can you imagine? The ultimate rejection!) otherwise I would be interested in a system where you can become a pod that a tree grows out of. I can’t remember where I read about it but I would seriously do something like that. In Tibet they used to have “sky burials” where bodies were hacked to pieces and left for the vultures. I wouldn’t want to do the hacking, but the idea was good!!!

    1. Sky burial was done by the monks as a deep practice contemplating their own death.

      I believe you can request your human compost be used to fertilize a tree.

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