-enny, (no P)

This has been a day controlled by cats.

First thing, this being a weekend, we were off to the emergency vet, an hour away, with Penny, afflicted once again with UTI. Urinary tract infection.

It only ever happens on a weekend. But I am grateful it wasn’t in the middle of a blizzard.

Grateful too, to have been urged out of my warm nest on this gorgeous day to witness the winter wonderland that lay betwixt “chez-nous” and the emergency vet in Latham.

To our astonishment, within minutes of our arrival, we were ushered inside to see the nice doctor who had helped Penny out before.

We have her problem down pat, now. A course of anti-biotics does it. Upon administration, within three hours Penny produced a lovely long pee.

Albeit a rather expensive one.

At least she’s on the mend.

I sat down to write, but Lily had other ideas…

Then Grant arrived, intending to use the exercise bike, which happens to be in my office come boot-room, come exercise-room, come who-knows-what”. General staging area!

Whose idea was this?

Penny, feeling better, wanted Grant to play with her:

But she finally settled down by me for about five minutes:

Then off she went and Lily returned, determined to have my chair

Then she sat down for a good scratch:

By when it was time to referee supper.

Oh well, never mind. Tomorrow is another day…

One thought on “-enny, (no P)

  1. I’m so happy to hear that your good vet has figured out how to get control of Penny’s UTI. It can sometimes be difficult to find a med that they can tolerate that will work. Furby had one that I am convinced was brought on by grief when our little dog, his BEST FRIEND, died. It took several months of hit and miss meds before he was well again.

    It’s great to see both of them up to their antics. Minnie is in my recliner, waiting for me to settle in and provide her with a warm lap.

    The snow-covered countryside looks lovely!

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