Visits to the Vet

Penny gazing at her hero, Grant

We awaited with some anxiety, our appointment this morning at the vet. This time it was Penny in trouble again. She has had issues in the past with UTI, urinary tract infections. This time, though, there was no sign of infection, which was actually not good news.

Infection you can fight. Penny was treated for inflammation and we got an appointment for a scan to determine whether there might be a tumor pressing on her bladder.

So that’s where we were this morning at 1130.

Ms Penny was placed on her back in a little V-shaped mattress, taking care not to hurt her poor arthritic legs.

Amazingly, she lay there passively while she had her belly shaved. I mean, it’s not a very dignified posture for a lady, right?

Penny is besotted with Grant and she lay there gazing at him. I think as long as she could see him, albeit upside down, she was happy, and she tolerated the scan like a model patient.

Penny is a very sweet girl.

We were told there was no evidence of anything untoward, no stones, no tumor. The radiologist has to go back through her recording to examine it in detail, but she thinks everything is fine.

Which is cause to celebrate. We are relieved, except… still doesn’t tell us why Penny has these problems with her bladder. Yet another mystery to add to our lengthening list!

Meanwhile, my poor little cuddle cat, my felv girl, Blackie, suddenly had terribly inflamed eyes.

Straight to the vet on Saturday who fortunately advised she is not contagious (we pictured trying to apply eye drops to 12 cats). But to continue with terramycin, the wonder-lotion for cat eyes.

Blackie’s poor little eyes have been all swollen and pink and goopy with the lotion which she hates! She runs when she sees us coming, although at night she still crawls into bed beside me looking sooo sad.

Today, dare I say it, she looks OK?

This little cat melts my heart. She is so attached to me, it’s just very touching.

In my deluded mind I tell myself that when Panther got tired of seeing me weep for him every day, he organized Willow to walk into my life (this was after the NO MORE CATS declaration). Precious Willow climbed into my lap and looked up at me and I just thought “Panther sent you”. But Willow is not a cuddle cat, so Panther went back to his heavenly drawing board and designated a little black cat to somehow also get through the NO MORE CATS barrier, to become my cuddler.

Isn’t it wonderful how we can make stuff up?

Willow has been adjusting to getting her twice daily anti-seizure medication (which I am still not convinced she needs). Like most cats, she doesn’t like it and she can hide more effectively than any of them.

But she has to come out for food. Here she is staring at the “treat” cupboard, willing it to open.

She is actually very good at taking her med now, once she realizes there’s no way out. She lets me administer it, then I hold her close and murmur “sorry darling, it’s all right”, then she shoots off, grumbling a bit, probably more about me holding her than about the med.

Willow allows me very limited close-time, even though I am her person.

But it’s OK, ‘cos I’ve got Blackie.

Thanks, Panther!

My very dearly beloved Panther. I lost him months after his diagnosis and had no time to prepare. His death was more painful than any experience I have ever endured.

My funny boy, my Panther. He died February 11th, 2014

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  1. I know you were likely jubilant to get good news about your kitty. I generally expect the worse news and un fortunately some times it really is bad. Your cats have an assortment of woes and your clan or clowder of cats is about like mine. Once they reach a certain age there always seems to be something wrong with one of them. Wishing you and all of your cats healthier days in the future.

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