Heading out

Humming birds have left…
The morning air 
Is fresh and crisp,
Dawn comes later
Full of mist.

Flocks of birds
Are stopping by
To take a snack
Then off they fly.

A shade of rust
It paints the land
Trees soon naked
All will stand.

Leaves are flying
All around
Woodchucks soon
Will go to ground.

My friends are leaving
One by one
So ends the Season
Of the Sun.

But yet
A brave marigold
Seems undaunted
By the cold

And still sweet "Zoomer"
Stuffs his cheeks
Laying provisions
For long weeks!

The garden is looking tired and I attempted to remove some plants that appeared dead but then I saw caterpillars clinging to some of them, so I have held off. I don’t want to deprive a butterfly of life. There are quite a few Monarchs around here, how beautiful they are. We caught a few, by chance, on the trail cam. Not in focus, for the most part, but I enjoyed the splash of colour in their haphazard flight.

One thought on “Heading out

  1. Lovely! The hummingbirds are coming back to AZ. We’ve had two consecutive days under 100°. Blessed relief, soon the summer will end.

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