How lucky am I 
To have found
A place
With so much beauty
All around.

Each day something new
New light,
New sky,
New view
Just to mention
A few.

I go out in the car
Riding shotgun
Best by far.
"cos then I can look
And comment as we pass.

In my mind I thought of snow
Temperatures so low
By the Sun
Too bright
Too much
Too hot
Too long
My old bones don't like
The season of the Sun.

Yet after I arrived
My goodness what surprise
Autumn being almost done
Winter soon begun.
Ecstasy it was
To see the naked trees
To watch the snow pile up
Standing, nice and warm
By my window
Every day
Enraptured by the light
Captivated by the sight.

Too soon
It all was done
Spring had just begun
So sweet to see all life
Turn once again toward
The Source
Reaching up
Standing high
I viewed it with a sigh
Maybe Winter's not
The only time I love

Early Spring
A much loved thing
But now I must admit
Full spring climbed on
That list
Of such loved things.
So fresh, so new, so different
Every day.
A new flower
A new bird
A new sky
Temperature still mild
Yes I was
Still in love.

But when would it end?
Summer soon would come
For sure I'd be undone
Too hot to breathe
Too hot to move
And yet...
Thunderstorms arrived!
Oh yeah!
I remember them
I love the sound
Of boulders rolling round
The lightning flash
The rain
Pouring down
Nature declaring
One more victory
Against the human beasts
That walk her land.

And now it marches on
The season of the Sun
Hot it is
Bugs there are
But I have not so far
Suffered much.
Just now out in the car
I raved and waved
"Oh look"
"They call them that
Because they grow on walls"
Have I turned into a child?
That happens when you're old
But now I have the wisdom
Of my years upon the planet
Don't they always say
"I wish I'd known back then!"
Well, me too.
But 'tis not too late.

How lucky am I
To have found
This wondrous land -
And learned to acknowledge
Source you are the Sun.
And I worship thee.

We just came back from Greenwich and, as always in this amazing place, I found so much to rave about, so I thought to share my rantings.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts. I’m so glad you shared them with us. Loved the two pictures, too.

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