Forgive them…..

The cat next door is a very bad cat,
By name Pancho Gonzalez.
(Just Pancho, actually)

His cold wet nose and his dirty great toes
I shall spray with the garden hose.
(No, I won't)

If he murders one more of my friends!

It’s what cats do. It’s their nature, and although “owned” cats get fed, they still hunt and they make a game of it, which is why a lot of people don’t like cats. I get pretty wound up about it myself.

However, when the wicked Mr Pancho was not seen for four days we became very gloomy, deciding that Nature had taken it’s revenge on the murderous creature.

This morning, when there was still no sign of the boy, I rather glumly decided to throw out some food for the birds that still come by hopefully, not understanding why their food has been withheld.

I figured if Pancho was still living, the one thing that for sure would bring him running on the trot, would be if I put bird food out.

Within the hour…….

He’s BACK !!!!!

One thought on “Forgive them…..

  1. I love the tongue in cheek feel of this. My cat (when I had one) was a overindulged spoiled lady until I let her out and she turned into Simba. Kept the mice away though!

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