Internet house

Treat time

I bought my house on the Internet,
A very strange thing to do.
Never-the-less I like it,
It suits me ever-so well.
And it passed feline inspection,
Which mattered very much more.

Traveling back and forth, coast-to-coast, would have been too painful, physically, so how else was I to find a house? You can’t really delegate someone to buy you a house, even if you know them very well. I once had the daunting job of purchasing a home for my parents. That was downright scary.

So I scanned the Internet. Was it risky? I doubt I would recommend it, but I trusted my instinct. Two or three times in my life, I made earth-shattering decisions that startled my friends. Normally, I am very cautious and indecisive, but when I get an idea in my head that feels right, I move full speed ahead. I imagine it is a bit disconcerting to people around me!

Above are some of the images I saw on the Internet. It certainly looked good to me. Having committed to the purchase, I had no qualms about it. I daresay I was lucky in that the sellers were extremely decent people and the realtor was very professional.

One could hardly hold the realtor responsible for the different view that came with Winter. In any case I was intoxicated by the snow. I find it stunningly beautiful.

This mess, however, is my basement. A real work in progress.

The basement was divided and half finished. Grant set up his workshop down there. After a few weeks, though, he had developed a bad cough and he said his lungs “felt funny”. We soon discovered that there was mould growing behind the sheet rock.

As always happens, one thing led to another. It will be very nice when it’s finished. Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, outside:

The bushes that I feared were dead have sprung back to life with a vengeance. Everywhere I have lilac and viburnum (I think) and masses of what I believe is a type of honeysuckle, although I cannot detect a scent. Don’t you think my Christmas tree is looking very smart? I think it’s quite refreshed.

Chuck is still rushing about. I wonder if he is a hen-pecked father.

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  1. I wrote a comment a while ago and it would not post, then disappeared. How frustrating!

    Your place is lovely and I understand why you chose it from the internet. The photos of your flowering bushes are so beautiful. I love pictures of flowers almost as much as I love pictures of kitties (but not quite!)

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