Auburn, WA 2008

When is a sign a sign, or a coincidence just that?

From what one may gather, the winter of 2018-2019 is not one that shall soon be forgotten by the good folk in Washington State. In all the time I spent there, I was spared such dramatics. The hills are steep and snow a rare enough event that people never learn quite how to deal with it.

The white stuff in my driveway was an uncommon sight. In all of the years that I lived in that house, I was never again aware of a car turning in front of the gate. The space is too small and the wide cul-de-sac opposite is a far more convenient place for such a maneuver.

So the fact that a car turned as it did, just as there was sufficient snow to record the fact, was something of a coincidence. In fact I had only recently moved to that house and it was only by chance that I happened to glance out the window when I did.

Perhaps not everyone sees those tire marks as hearts, but I certainly did. And I wondered, is this a sign of encouragement for the foster-home I was about to open for cats? Who can say.

and this?

Whatever you think of the tire treads, surely you cannot see the above as anything other than heart-shaped? Perhaps I would not have felt compelled to photograph it in different circumstances. It is, after all, a shape in a kitty-litter box. But when I saw it, my own heart did a small flutter, the reason being that the very day before I had unexpectedly lost my dearly beloved Thimphu.

I will write more about my sweet little Himalayan in due course. Suffice it to say he was very precious and 24 hours prior, as far as I knew, he was in perfect health, so to find him mortally ill that morning was a horrible shock. I could have taken him to a specialist but I trusted my vet and I could see that Timmy was already in extremis. I couldn’t bear to let him suffer while I drove two hours in search of an unlikely better answer.

It was one of those terrible decisions you are called on to make in minutes and spend weeks second-guessing. But I know it was right. I was just so unprepared. But that is why when I saw tthat heart the next morning, I had to wonder…..

2 thoughts on “Hearts?

  1. So sad to hear about the loss of your beautiful Thimphu!! Those eyes, and ad for the hearts, how wonderful they occurred, I love the serendipity of life.

  2. Bless you Carolyn. No matter how we prepare or what we know, losing a beloved animal is just plain hard emotionally. There is no doubt in my mind that the hearts, both in the driveway and in the litter were sent by angels. God only knows how that happens but I wouldn’t be able to explain that away. When these things have happened to me I am always reluctant to see them for the blessings they are. Wondering, second guessing. But for some illogical reason when I see it happen for someone else I know for certain when it is a true sign. I believe this is. Thank you for sharing this. I love the story.

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