Charlie and Little One

Little one and babies

When I finally allowed myself to think about what, if anything, I missed about my home in Seattle, there was not too much, but there was one goodbye that I could not bring myself to make. When I think of it now, tears well up in my eyes. I did say, didn’t I, that I have awful separation anxiety?

Two little grey and white cats showed up on my doorstep a few months before my departure, and inevitably I began to feed them. I daresay I might not have, had I realized that I would be leaving, but at the time that was not even a thought.

In the Spring they had kittens, and my friend Grant managed to trap the mum and babies. Strangely she brought them to my door one day, and sat with them looking at me through the window. Was she asking for my help? It really appeared that way.

My heart was too sore at that time to get involved. too many losses too soon, too many heartbreaks. But Grant was able to do the right thing. The mum and kittens went to the shelter where the kittens soon got homes. Little One, as I called her, got spayed and then we returned her to her mate, Charlie, who was almost feral.

Over the summer we saw Charlie and Little One often. I hated that they were outside with so many dangers, but Charlie wanted no part of being indoors and Little One seemed devoted to him. It was the hardest part of selling my house and moving on, but I could not remain for the sake of two stray cats that could disappear at any moment.Still, I left a tiny piece of my heart behind with those two cats. God bless, Little One and Charlie. I miss you. XX

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  1. I know how you feel about Little One and Charlie. I feed several semi feral cats. Only one of them will allow petting and all have been fixed except one male cat. I say they are semi feral because some of them have never eaten anywhere else besides my front porch and even those that came to me later in their lives depend on me now for their daily meals. No one else in the neighborhood is interested in feeding these babies and I am not in the best of health and wonder what would happen to them if I could not continue to do it. Only one of them is tame and prefers petting over eating any time of day. She will not come into the house and has lived in my front yard for several years. Of course I worry about her when the weather is bad, but I can’t do anything about her situation. She has adapted and so have I.

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