Life was for ever changed

For as long as I can remember I have adored animals, but I never owned a cat until Mo and I moved in together. He wanted no part of living in a new house with a young kitten and Tim decided that Mo and I would be great pals. I had loved Mo from the first moment I saw him, a kitten himself then, rushing about the apartment doing kitten things. His favourite trick was to rev himself up in the bedroom and then launch himself past the kitchen, through the living-room and straight up the curtains, that were soon shredded.

Tim had grown up in rural England and the family cats had always been free-roaming. After Mo was neutered, Tim felt he should have the freedom to come and go. It was a quiet neighborhood with interesting gardens to be explored and Tim felt it was safe enough. So Mo was already an indoor/outdoor cat when I became his minder, and once a cat has known the outdoors it is very difficult to confine them, so Mo simply reverted to the lifestyle he was accustomed to.

My beloved first cat, Mo

4 thoughts on “Life was for ever changed

  1. my beloved first cat was also black & white with white whiskers. So nice that Mo got to live in a place where he could go outdoors.

    1. Sadly it didn’t end well. One Christmas he did not come back for a week. I figured he was poking in someone’s garage and they went away for the holidays not realizing. Mo came back looking think and bad tempered! It was very cold that winter and I persuaded him to stay indoors, but bwhen Spring rolled around he began crying at the door to go out. I so did not want to let him out but he wanted it so much so I caved and took to saying a mental goodbye every time he went out. And one day he did not come back. I still hoped he would come back for months after but I was left guessing. I can’t tell you how it tore me up. My only hope is that whatever happened he didn’t suffer. 🙁

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