Late lunch?

2nd April 2022 "Lunch? Did somebody say lunch?" Actually, today there was no such announcement! "Mummy's cupboard" remained closed! "What?!" "We'll see about THAT!" said Dee Dee "Reduced to filching bird seed" moaned Tinks "Fatso got his grub. So where's ours?" asked Willow "Oi! Who are you calling Fatso?" "Watch your manners!" "Grrrr!" Oh, the … Continue reading Late lunch?

Customer service, to cats

It's Saturday, which apparently has become Grant's cooking day. He's experimenting with curry recipes and it's not just mixing up a bit of curry powder. This is starting from scratch, with every spice available, which impressively, considering we are in the stix of NY, is almost everything. Cooking is NOT my thing. Way too much … Continue reading Customer service, to cats