Low maintenance cats

0658/15th September 2022

There really is something special about dawn’s early light, especially at this time of year.

Thoughts of indoor, domestic activities this morning were scuppered the moment I went outside to find we had been blessed with a stunning day. Warm and bright with a delightful cool breeze.

A glance at the milkweed told me it was time for some light gardening.

Grant, on the other hand, has embraced heavy-duty gardening! In the process of doing some work for a neighbour, he seems to have acquired a taste for this activity.

At the end of what I call the ‘upper field’, there is an old stone wall which till now I had only been able to catch glimpses of, it being so overgrown by brambles and invasive vines.

Now we have a whole new vista (left)

Looking back down past the house (above)

Fall afternoons. Wonderful.

For our Fall leaf-viewing expeditions it appears we will be utilizing the loaner vehicle.

Any day now I expect to get a call from the dealer with an offer. The repair job has turned into a nightmare and I’m beginning to wonder when they will decide it’s all too much trouble and turn it into spare parts.

Yesterday I got an update to say that the wipers needed a new part that is on back-order.

My insurance came through but the 10-day job is now into a month!

What next?!


Thinking of chilly weather not far off, we contemplated the fire-piece recently. When these contraptions are left dormant in my experience, it’s often a job to revive them, as was re-confirmed to our chagrin 2 years ago.

This year, we got our new gas fire going but decided we needed to upgrade the screen, the old one having proved ineffective against feline “interference”.

After our usual song and dance, a new blockade was delivered and with a minimum of fuss, put together. But we are a little confused about the directions.

So, like all instructions, they will be ignored.

How very boring life would be, without eleven cats.

This is my low maintenance cat, Julius.

He’s very quiet and not very cuddly but he doesn’t eat or defecate or have any bad habits.

Julius was one of the cats I met at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah, a long time ago. He had cerebellar hypoplasia, so he was very un-coordinated but he was the sweetest boy. I would have adopted him in a moment, but he was better off where he was and he was very much loved.

A local artist painted his likeness on stones to raise funds for that amazing sanctuary.

It was a fantasy of mine that I might retire to Kanab so as to help out at the animal sanctuary but for many reasons it was not to be. I still think of all the animals and the wonderful people I met there. Utah is a little bit of heaven.

This photograph is actually in Arizona, not far from Kanab. It is the real Rainbow Bridge, so named by Native Americans who hold it sacred.

Access to it is now very limited due to the low water level of Lake Powell.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

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  1. Fall is definitely my favourite season … early mornings and late afternoons are both great times to be outdoors. Aw, I like the Julius rock – I had to look twice (thought it was a basket with a pillow) and I was wondering which of your 11 cats dare to sleep in this basket 😄.

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