Now what?

1530/17th August 2022

“Wet out here, missus!”


It grew so dark, by 4 o’clock, when I went through the kitchen the furry beasts were all queued up expectantly, looking for their dinner.

Just after I took the above photograph, rain arrived in torrents but without high winds and drama.

We just got a really good soaking.

And a pleasantly balmy temperature.

A couple of days ago Grant noticed a groundhog with a gimp. We watched it for a while and there was definitely something amiss, though we couldn’t work out what.

There was no sign of injury as such and it was eating well. The following day when I replenished seed trays, it was noshing a carrot and appeared not to notice me so I wondered about its eyesight.

When you spend time watching animals, their little quirks become very obvious, but in most cases there isn’t much you can do that won’t add distress.

The above was supposed to lead in to a considerably longer post, yesterday.

Alas. The rest disappeared forever into the ether. Why? Just one of those “things…”

How annoying. Yes. It was.

And before I venture further, I need to be sure I’m not wasting more time….

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