11th August 2022

Things go in threes, right?

It’s a law of some kind.

Hopefully three will not be extended to four

or more….

Without doubt it is the new computer system that is causing me the most stress because I spend so much of my time using it. Suddenly it’s as if all my tools got stolen.

Also I have acquired one I don’t want: “One Drive”.

If it was a football, I’d kick it into the next county.

This afternoon I discovered a way to keep it out of my face, perhaps… Let us hope so!

My car is currently being re-wired. If Grant hadn’t gone to check on the un-serviceable windshield wipers, the larger problem would not have come to light.

Then, who knows what may have occurred with loose wires under the hood. Something fiery perhaps.

The repairs are something of a mystery.

We were given an estimate of $4,500. My insurance “covers” it, after a $500 deductible. The fix-it shop are in direct contact with the insurers. Seems fine, yet:

Grant was told the job would take 10 days. A text from the insurers today announced that $305.98 has been paid. Even with the $500 I must pay, it doesn’t add up to $4.5k, but maybe the job goes in stages???

The car has to be fixed and that’s that. Car repairs are like taxes, in my view. Unavoidable for the most part.

Grant has spent most of the last two days trying to create a mouse-proof space for the car. Additionally, we will be using peppermint oil to spray the engine and placing noxious liquids underneath. Ammonia and/or vinegar.

Grant seems to like the “loaner car so I told him we should ask Subaru to do a swap with us. I daresay they would for a small payment. Though it does have a dent…

Wouldn’t you think Dee Dee might have clued us in about this worrisome-looking development?

It is, after all, right over her head!

Grant is less than enthusiastic about exploring the nature of this problem. I told him if he’d bring the ladder that I would climb up and take a look.

He laughed at me but I am actually better at crawling around than he is with his long legs and bad knees.

Presumably it’s a leak. The roof was new when I came here 4 years ago. Somewhere I have some information about that….

It is most likely in the cupboard that has the un-openable door. Grant managed to squeeze inside and grabbed a folder but that turned out to be the sales file for my old home. So I’ll put all that off till tomorrow!

By which time, quite likely, something else will have come up, but I’m hoping it really is a law of threes.

So I’m off to fill some water bowls and scatter a few seeds. Then I’ll take a deep breath and get back to confronting computer issues…

7 thoughts on “Threes

  1. Ah… issues. Really a pain. Take a deep breath and then scream. Perhaps that won’t do any good. And maybe all your neighbors will come running

  2. I have to say I don’t like the look of that ceiling. It seems like a drama waiting to happen.
    $4.500 seems a lot for an electrical rewire. I could buy a decent used car for that much.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Grant investigated and it clunking around in the crawl space under the roof. I feel very inadequate at not being able to help. The car has to be completely re-wired, or so they told Grant. The hourly rate on that sort of thing is the major expense. I might get it done more cheaply but experience tells me that is false economy!

  3. Well, I’ll cross my fingers and hope that it’s going to stay at three! There must be a bright side to your story: Let’s see … I think you’re getting it right with your new computer, the car is (hopefully) getting there … as for the roof – I think I will call in help before it’s winter! But let’s end on a positive note: Just love your cloud formations!

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