In these sophisticated modern times, there must surely be an equation that would help us with time management.

It would take a little thought and the factors would vary.

You’d start with Time Available which could possibly itself be debatable.

Then you’d have to calculate one or two other variables:

Annoyance factor X Time Wastage factor

You would have to determine Value of Task,

..as well as Size of Task….

Some juggling of all these figures would, in theory, determine the amount of time one could reasonably spend at a single task.

Somewhere in there you would have to add, or subtract your own tolerance factor which would vary significantly depending on your current mood and the stupidity of the time wastage.

You could say, of course, that by the time you had done all those calculations, you could have accomplished whatever the task was.

But not if you were me.

And not if you were dealing with my photo editing tool.

Which leads to the need for another equation:

At what point do you abandon the old tool for a new one?

Because that will bring into play:

Time allocated for learning how to use it.

And upgrading your PC to comply.

No doubt inventing a new password or two…

Here’s what Grant calls a time waster.

This truck pulled out from a side road to get in front of us a mere 5 seconds before we came along.

“Well we turn off soon, don’t we?”

“Yes and ohhhh look…he’s turning too!”


“Never mind. I expect he’s going over there.”

Mercifully, he did!

It just would not do, to be only ten minutes early.

Hard to be grumpy on such a fine day.

How nice if everything was as efficient as the means by which crops are sown so evenly.

Something has changed in the pain clinic surgery centre.

Possibly it’s the transition from Covid to Not-so-Covid.

What else can you call it?

Everything is just a bit….

The only evidence is in the waiting time which has gone from 15 minutes (+/-) to 90 minutes.

Now when you arrive, you have to write your name on a pad at reception.

Not that anyone tells you. Fortunately, I am observant.

So there is a wait now, to be registered. Fair enough.

With Covid, you couldn’t enter the building till a receptionist was available. Not that I ever had to wait outside.

Then there’s the new policy for readying the patient for the procedure:

“Everything comes off except your underwear!”

Muggins had to be difficult.

“I’m having an injection in my head. Last time they said I could keep my pants on”

I got a look. But the doctor happened to be standing nearby and he said “it’s OK”.

It’s not a problem either way. Who cares if my ass hangs out of the gown? It’s just unnecessary.

And if you have a new policy your people need to be consistent.

But we were only half done.

A second nurse came by. “Pants off!”

They stayed on.

But then there was the confusion over which side of my head was going to get stuck.

They had it wrong and well, you can’t sign your life away if it says left instead of right, so that involved checking and changing….

All of this to get an injection.

Yes, it had to be done “with x-ray guidance”, but how long does an injection take?

30 seconds.

But it’s a procedure!

My brain was muttering:

“It was so much easier taking oxycodone!”

Not to mention way cheaper. These x-ray guidance shots are horrendously expensive.

So far I have not been billed. I’ve written before about the smoke and mirrors of medical billing.

This time: “You have a co-pay of $11”.

Which means something else has changed somewhere.

If $11 is all it ends up costing, I’ll be thrilled.

So that was how we wasted our morning.

Nothing awful. I’m lucky to be getting treatment.

But then I sat down late at my PC and the photo editor wouldn’t cooperate.

Which is why I need an equation.



Half Moon gets hectic! (Where the clinic is)

…and by the way…..Some people have received emails from a porn sight, ostensibly from me..

So apologies for that! Hopefully it is dealt with but please let me know should you receive unsolicited messages of any sort!

My hit list is getting long.

6 thoughts on “Equations

  1. I’m feeling neglected. I never received any junk mail! No, really, don’t bother. I can live without it thanks! Next time you go for an injection in your head I think you should take your pants off and wear them on your head! See what they have to say about that!

  2. All in all, I’d say you had a pretty lousy day! At least I enjoyed your beautiful clouds-in-the-sky photos… and I’m happy to say I haven’t received anything from you that could offend πŸ’Œ.

  3. I didn’t get any dodgy emails from you, Carolyn.
    An injection in the head for 30 seconds? I might have given that a miss, even at the bargain price of $11.
    As for equations, I was hopeless at algebra. I just get up in the morning, and see what happens. I gave up trying to plan my time years ago.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I learned Maths the French way and then the British way but when I got to the States I abandoned it. The luxury of retirement is not having a time schedule! The injections are not a problem, it’s all the pre-messing about!

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