As the Bush Rustles

12th June 2022

Having had my eyes dilated this morning, things are a bit blurry but I have a few pictures from yesterday that may amuse you and tide me over…

The on going saga: “As the Bush Rustles.”

“This is what motherhood does for you!”

“Endearing, you say?”

“There is a fee, you know, for photographing the little beasts. A sackful of carrots, at least.”

“Not a moment’s peace!”

“Just look at this. Ruined my figure”

“Made my hair fall out!”

“Can’t even get a mouthful of grass for myself.”

“Without them hanging off me!”

“and following me everywhere.”

“Alright, come on then. Bedtime.”

“Feeling a bit better after a night’s sleep.”

“Hey wake up, dozey!”

“Fanks for the payment. Keep the account open.”

“We need a varied diet, Junior.”

“And we must be polite to our friends.”

“Does he listen to me? No. He wants carrot.”

“I’m a good little groundhog, do as Mum says.”

“Good heavens, Progress!”

“Aw, Mum, I wuv you! Tee hee hee, watch this…”

“What are you doing, child? We don’t stand in our breakfast! Get out!”

“Arggh. What will it do next?”

“I’m such a good little girly-girl!”

“Right, that does it!”

“Get back down that burrow, right now!”

“Oh don’t worry, she won’t be mad for long.”

“Us kids’ll stick together.”

And off they went, down their hole, to the relief of everyone else.

Summer has truly arrived as evidenced by the daily fly removal caper. I cannot abide having a fly in the house. Every time I hear the “bzzz” I get crazed, don’t ask why. It really gets on my nerves. But I will not kill them. I capture them and put them back outside. Needless to say, very often they fly back in.

This afternoon, responding to a call for *”MORE NUTS!”, I went out and noticed a huge bee on the milkweed. “Ah! Photograph!” she thought.

The result being that I burned my bare feet on the hot path, only to be dive-bombed by said bee. Whereupon I opened the door to dodge back inside….but did the bee follow?

I’m really hoping not.

*The call for nuts comes from crows who have been watching and taking notes.

11 thoughts on “As the Bush Rustles

  1. I also cannot bear to have houseflies and bluebottles buzzing around inside the house. Unlike you, I kill them. I terminate the filthy things with ‘extreme prejudice’, as they say in the military.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. And once, on Long Island, I had a large item eating my asparagus so unphased by humans that I was able to tap it on the rump with my foot before it scurried back off under the shed. (No groundhog was harmed. It was a gentle exploratory tap – not a kick.)

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      1. East Quogue. I also had a possum that loved cat pee. (I had a rescue cat that would only pee on newspaper. I moved the newspaper-lined tray out to the deck in order to help in the transition to garden pee. One evening, I looked out through the glass door to the back deck and there was a possum luxuriating in the cat-pee-soaked newspaper-lined litter tray.


      2. Cats and their pee preferences! I have boxes that I line with bamboo/paper towel and I wash and re-cycle. Our shy cat Sophia likes rolling in pee too which I know means something, not sure what exactly. Interesting about the possum. We haven’t seen one for a long time and I miss them.


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